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I’m going to make a Bacon, jalapeno, cheese, and bean filled pupusa. I’m going to top it off with an El salvadorian cole slaw, avocado puree, and use crispy bits of bacon as the garnish. A pupusa is a masa corn cake, that has been stuffed with your ingredients of choice. You’ll sink you teeth through an earthy tasting corn flavor, and reach a center of salty bacon pieces mixed with melted cheese. The beans add an extra texture, while the roasted jalapeno adds just the right amount of smokiness and heat to pair with the salty goodness of the bacon. I’m then topping the cake with an el salvadorian cole slaw called curtido. The slaw that consist of carrots, cabbage, onion, vinegar, oregano, and cumin will be sliced very thin and will add a cold crispness, as well as a slight sour taste to the pupusa, putting your taste buds into overload.  Its not over yet, on top of that I’m going to put an avocado puree to add a creamy texture, as well as a lighter flavor. Last but not least, the garnish will be small crispy bits of bacon on top. You have the crunchy saltiness of the bacon, the creaminess of the avocado, with a sour crisp tasting slaw, which all nestles above a delicious earthy, bacony (made up a word), yet slightly spicy flavored pupusa.

masa harina
black bean
chihuaha cheese
sour cream
BACON, BACON, BACON…. more bacon
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