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Archive for November, 2009

Bringing home the bacon by Therese Ruiz Oct 15, 2009 Therese Ruiz/MEDILL Seth Zurer, one of the three masterminds behind Baconfest Chicago, said he’s  hopeful that the April event will be as “Bacon-tastic” as he and his friends envision it. If there’s anything Logan Square-resident Seth Zurer will prove to Chicagoland, it’s that his love for bacon  [Read More]

Baconfest Chicago! That’s right folks, in case you haven’t heard Chi-town is getting its very own Baconfest. Baconfest Chicago ! Can you smell it? There is something about bacon that just about everybody loves.  (We’ve all heard the “I’m a vegetarian ….except for bacon.” “I keep Kosher, except for…” (You guessed it) BACON!!!)) The idea  [Read More]

Baconfest Chicago Cookoff Recap: Well, No One Died The Golden Rashers Baconfest Chicago proper won’t be for another six months, but if Saturday’s VIP pro cookoff is any indication organizers Seth Zurer, Michael Griggs and Andre Vonbaconvitch might want to have some ambulances at the ready. Or at least some Lipitor. We won’t get into another debate about  [Read More]

Baconfest Pro Cookoff: we have a winnah Posted by Mike Sula on Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 12:20 PM Ron Kaplan Chris Pandel’s “breakfast braciole” In terms of attendance, Saturday’s Baconfest Chicago Pro Cookoff at the Publican (the precursor to the main event in April) was a bit of a sausagefest, with dudes (quite a few of them in matching meat  [Read More]

Baconfest: An Ode to Pig Belly in Chicago Posted by Daniel Zemans , October 26, 2009 at 5:15 PM “If any attendees walked out of Baconfest disappointed, 100% of the blame falls on their defective palates.” Inside-out pig in a blanket from David Burke’s Primehouse. [Photographs: Daniel Zemans] You never know when inspiration is going to hit. For Michael Griggs  [Read More]

Bacon reaches new heights of popularity   By Rick Asa Special to the Tribune October 28, 2009 From the sublime to the ridiculous, bacon has the entire spectrum in tow these days. As cured pork belly reaches new heights of popularity, pop culture homages to this most tasty of treats are slamming head-on into parody.Bacon-flavored rolling  [Read More]

Two top chefs bring home the bacon at Pro Bacon Cook-Off by Therese Ruiz Oct 28, 2009 Pan fried. Seared. Braised. Slow roasted. Deep fried. Sliced and served to perfection. Ten Chicago area chefs whipped up a variety of bacon dishes last Saturday, filling the lofty main room of The Publican with the meat’s smoky, distinct smell. It was the inaugural edition of  [Read More]