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BaconFest Chicago
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Chicagoist: Baconfest Chicago Taking Baby Steps To Reality
(Posted by Chuck Sudo)
The first thought that ran through our head when we found out about Baconfest Chicago was, “the bacon meme just jumped the shark.” Although they don’t seem to take themselves seriously on the blog and in their bios, co-founders Michael Griggs, Seth Zurer and Andre Vonbaconvitch are serious about creating a local festival showcasing the joys of eating the “Candy of Meats.”

Since their initial round of press, Baconfest’s Facebook page and Twitter feed have grown significantly. Zurer also told us that the initial round of responses put them in contact with some quality contacts for moving further into actually making Baconfest happen. “We’ve got wonderful contacts for chefs, venue manager, insurance brokers, bacon-entrepreneurs, and culinary professionals,” Zurer said. As for now, “we’re regrouping and trying to take care of some logistics before our next major charm offensive.”

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