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A La Card Chicago

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We’ve created a consortium of 52 Chicago restaurants–and not just any restaurants, but the best in the city. The restaurants span 25 different neighborhoods, various cuisines and price points, but they have a couple things in common–killer food and great passion that oozes from the chef/owners of these non-corporate gems.  [Read More]

Bacon Hot Sauce

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Bacon Hot Sauce – We are a group of three friends who were hanging out on a Sunday morning craving eggs and potatoes with bacon and hot sauce. One person stated that bacon makes everything better, while another contended that hot sauce makes everything better. And the third thought, “you’re both right, why  [Read More]

Brand BBQ Market

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Brand BBQ Market , located in Chicago’s Logan’s Square community, has been serving up its non-traditional take on BBQ since October of 2009.  Chef Sweet Charity Smith (real name) adds a whole lot of personality and a little bit of gourmet flair to standard menu items as well as unique offerings like: “The  [Read More]

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Celebrated Chefs

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CELEBRATED CHEFS (CHICAGO) COMPANY INFORMATION Celebrated Chefs is a unique partnership featuring the area’s best restaurants in support of local non-profit organizations. Through this partnership Celebrated Chefs merchants are able to reach and retain valuable new customers while lending much needed financial support to our local non-profit organizations. Celebrated Chef creates a true  [Read More]

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Chubs vs. Hox

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          Get yer’ CHUBS and HOX baseball tees right here! Step right up, step right up!

diffraction FIBER

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diffraction FIBER – DiffractionFiber is a handmade line of eco-friendly pillows and home-goods.  Stop by for your very own Pork Cuts Pillows, Bacon & Eggs Pillows or fun jewelry for men and women. See also: Diffraction Fiber: Taking Bacon-crafts to a new level

Dreymiller and Kray Quality Meats

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WebsiteFacebookTwitter Dreymiller and Kray was established in 1929, fifty miles west of Chicago, in Hampshire , Illinois. Dreymiller and Kray has always had a superb notoriety for their high quality smoked meats, and that tradition continues. The original smoke house was replaced with a brick smoke house in 1940. That  [Read More]

Drink Deck

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WebsiteFacebookTwitter Drink Deck is an indie travel guide for creating bar crawls. A curated list for bar enthusiasts that highlights 52 great bar scenes in America’s top food & drink destinations. A collection of gift cards (with no expiration) in the form of a playing card deck or smart phone app  [Read More]

Enjoy – Urban General Store

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Enjoy, An Urban General Store From youngsters to oldsters, hipsters to geeksters, mothers to fathers, and bacon-lovers to vegans, anyone can find “something they want, but nothing they need” at Lincoln Square’s ENJOY, AN URBAN GENERAL STORE. With a nod to general stores of the past, ENJOY carries a wide variety of fun, functional, and  [Read More]


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Website Halos Engine No. 9 Spice: Founded in Chicago in 2009 by three friends with a 65lb jar of change. This sideshow trapeze act has obtained a cult following in the Chicagoland area. After countless hours in the kitchen, the award winning engine No. 9 spice was developed; a unique flavor  [Read More]