Since 2009 my husband (Karl Almaria) and I have been hosting a monthly private Food & Music party and online radio show from our Logan Square home called Sunday Brunchlox. Each month there is a food theme and often the menu features Pork and/or Bacon. In addition, we celebrate several Pork/Bacon themed holidays via Brunchlox: “Link-O De Mayo” (yep, you guessed it, sausage), “Pork of July” (picture attached of POJ 2011 which drew upwards of 150 people) and “International Bacon Day” (Sunday Brunchlox was the official music event of IBD 2009). Some dishes served have included: Browned Butter Candied Bacon Ice Cream Sandwiches, Maple Black Pepper Bacon Cupcakes, Elvis Tart (Peanut Butter and Honey Tart topped with Bananas & Bacon), Apple Bacon Dutch Pancake, Bacon Jam, Bacon-stuffed Pork Loins (nestled in bacon blankets, of course), Bacon-wrapped Shrimp/Dates/Chicken Drumsticks, Canadian Bacon Poached Egg Cups, and of course, Whole Roasted Pig. To say we are “big on pig” or enjoy “swine dining” would be an understatement.

One particular dish has proven to be a crowd favorite each and every year. Although I try to keep these as rare sighting, special occasion treats (kind of like Santa Claus), I do get messages throughout the year with people craving them. Three words: BACON STICKY BUNS! They are the a rich, soft, sweet dough made with both butter and rendered bacon fat in the dough then spiraled with a lovely sugar and cinnamon mixture.  The buns are topped with a sticky, caramel, honey and BACON mixture.  The bacon is nice and crunchy so they stay delicious whether warm or room temperature.  Each bite is a mixture of sweet and savory, crunchy and chewy, but overall BACON-Y.  The bacon in this dish is neither subtle nor hidden.  It is showcased front and center:  right where it should be.

Ingredients include:

Unbleached Flour
Bacon Fat
Light Corn Syrup
Black Pepper