Popeye’s heart is a chicken breast seasoned with italian seasoning, dry mustard,and stuffed with spinach artichoke dip. Wrapped  in a mini bacon weave with fresh thyme. Then deep fried or pan fried. If you choose not to deep fry. Pour half an inch of oil in a pan and fry each side of the popeyes heart attack   and finish in the oven.

Make bacon weave out of strips of bacon and sprinkle fresh thyme on top of the weave. In a bowl, season your chicken breasts with italian seasoning and dry mustard.  Cut a slit in the chicken breast to make a pocket and stuff with spinach artichoke dip. Cut bacon weave into the right size of the chicken breasts and wrap. Use wooden sticks to hold form. Then deep fry at 265 for about 15 minutes.

Bacon strips
Chicken breasts
Fresh tyme
Italian seasoning
Dry mustard
Spinach Artichoke dip