I make the most wonderful sandwich. After having this typical “street food” in Little Vietnam. I fell in love with this sandwich. However the meat was always questionable in the oriental markets where no one spoke English to find out exactly what it was. I decided to use the ingredients I had available to me in my home state of Wisconsin. So……..I heard about this contest and it was suggested to me I enter my fantastic take on a Banh Mi.

French Baguette Roll (soft inside crunchy crust)
Sprecher Cherry Cola (straight out of WI) Braised Nueske’s applewood
smoked slab bacon sliced (slow and low braised super tender)
Tomato Bacon Jam (a cooked down sweet and earthy tomato and bacon spread)
Cucumber (thin sliced)
Pickled Carrot & Daikon (shredded and pickled in a simple tart pickling liquid)
Spicy Mayo (Kewpie mayo (a thick mayo that can be found in an oriental market) & Sriracha (a spicy garlic chili sauce) Lightly dressed