Here’s a sort of Baconfest Index for 2011.  Our guests consumed over a ton of bacon. We will drop off a check for $25,000 for the GCFD in the coming days.  Taken all together, our charitable work will make over 65,000 pounds of food available to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

How We’ve Grown
Baconfest Chicago 2011 is our 3rd event, since we hatched the idea in March 2009
1st event had 75 guests and 10 chefs in October 2009.
2nd event had ~800 guests, 24 chefs, 5 Liquor Sponsors, 20 Vendors in April 2010.
This year: ~1600 guests, 56 chefs, 7 liquor sponsors, 21 Vendors in April 2011.

Bacon Served On Saturday
Pounds of Bacon provided by Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats for our chefs: over 1,000
# of chefs that took advantage of the offer: 34
# of chefs at Baconfest 2011: 56
Approximate total lbs of bacon used by chefs alone: 1,680
Approximate servings of bacon dishes provided: 49,500
Total amount of bacon served by Chefs, Vendors and Sponsors: over 1 ton

Charitable Activity
Baconfest Chicago 2010 contribution to the Greater Chicago Food Depository: $5,000
Baconfest Chicago 2011 contribution committed to GCFD: $25,000
Lbs of food that the GCFD can buy with a dollar: 2.33
Lbs of food that the Baconfest contribution will buy: 58,250

Amount earned by sale of GCFD raffle tickets on Saturday: $1,137
Lbs of food that can be purchased by GCFD with raffle proceeds: 2,649

Lbs of non-perishable food donated by Baconfest guests: 1,653
Lbs of pork donated by the farmers of the Illinois Pork Producers Association to match: 1,653
Lbs of pork IPPA will buy with proceeds from tee shirt sales at Baconfest to donate to the GCFD: 850
Total lbs of pork that the farmers of the IPPA will donate to the GCFD: 2,503

Total pounds of food that will be available to the Food Bank as a result of Baconfest Chicago 2011: 65,055

Here’s how Mike Haag , a pork producer from Emington, IL and current President of Baconfest Presenting Sponsor IPPA responded to these numbers: “We were thrilled at the response of Baconfest attendees, their donation of food items and their donations for the Peace. Love. Bacon t-shirts, which raised more than $1,600.  Those dollars, combined with the 1,653 pounds of matching pork will equal a total donation of more than 2,500 pounds of pork to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. This will help provide more than 10,000 meals to people in need.”

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