On Saturday, May 5, we had the supreme pleasure of participating in Baconfest’s first ever Volunteer Day at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

In addition to repackaging almost 8,000 pounds of bulk pinto beans with the help of fellow members of our bacon-community, we hand-delivered a check for $50,000.

When we first thought up Baconfest, our goal was to present a bacon-centered food rave unlike any other in the world. How amazing that this kernel of an idea has resulted in such a tremendous fundraiser for an organization that we and so many community members, fantastic chefs, restaurants, vendors and sponsors care so deeply about.

2012 Financial Impact on the Greater Chicago Food Depository
$ 50,000 – donated to the Food Bank from ticket proceeds.
$ 2,660 – revenue to the Food Bank from the sale of raffle tickets

2012 Impact Measured in Pounds of Food
2,298 pounds – amount of food donated by our guests
2.33: pounds of food that the GCFD can buy with a dollar
116,500: pounds of food that the Baconfest financial contribution will buy
6,197: pounds of food that can be purchased by GCFD with raffle proceeds

124,996: total pounds of food made available to hungry Chicagoans by Baconfest Chicago 2012!

Cumulative Impact
Baconfest Chicago 2012 is our 4th event:
1st event had 75 guests and 10 chefs in October 2009.
2nd event had ~800 guests, 24 chefs, 5 liquor Sponsors, 20 vendors in April 2010.
3rd event: ~1600 guests, 56 chefs, 7 liquor sponsors, 21 vendors in April 2011.
This year: ~3,000 guests, 108 chefs, 9 liquor sponsors, 18 vendors in April 2012

In four years, Baconfest has given $80,000 to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Taken all together, thanks to the support of our partner chefs, sponsors,vendors and guests Baconfest has made available 200,717 pounds of food for hungry people in our community.