Dear Bacon-Nation:

In case you don’t already know this as a fact, Baconfest Chicago 2012 is 100 % SOLD OUT! It has been since shortly after tickets went on sale on February 20th.  There are no more tickets available and no one without a ticket will be admitted to the fest.

We’ve been reading some tweets and Facebook posts indicating that folks are thinking of  “stopping by” etc. We’ve also been getting tons of e-mails from people inquiring about purchasing tickets.  We’ve even gotten people asking if there will be people walking around the venue the day of with tickets for sale.  They won’t!

In the interest of saving anyone without tickets heartache, misery and a wasted trip to the UIC Forum on Saturday April 14th, if you do not already have tickets, please do not come. We love you all, but we will have to turn you away.

Sorry to be so blunt about this, but we just want to make sure everything is clear.  There will be no additional tickets issued.   Folks without tickets will not be admitted in the building under any circumstance.

Happy warm-weather April!

The Baconfest Chicago Team