You guys.  We’ve been working hard with our databases and our abacuses and all the technology that we can bring to bear to make every session of Baconfest the most beautiful, baconful, bountiful festival experience you have ever seen or will ever see or can even imagine.

Forgive the flowery language, but seriously, we’re excited.

Today we are thrilled to announce the session schedule for the Tenth Annual Baconfest Chicago.

You know there are three sessions of Baconfest: Friday Dinner on April 6, Saturday Lunch on April 7, and Saturday Dinner on April 7.  You know that we gather nearly 150 of the finest chefs in the area together for Baconfest every year, each one devoted to sharing a unique and delicious bacon experience with you.  You know that we pull in beer, wine and cocktails by the gallon for your enjoyment, each beverage carefully calibrated to shine when paired with bacon.

But you may not realize that each session of Baconfest features a completely unique lineup of chefs, a once-in-a-lifetime bacon menu that will never be replicated again. And now, with today’s announcement, you know which chefs will be at which session.

So, if you are a Stan’s Donuts superfan and look forward every year to discovering their latest fascinating spin on the bacon donut, now you know – buy tickets for Friday Dinner!  If you can’t imagine missing out on what three-time Golden Rasher winners Honey Butter Fried Chicken will do with bacon, fried chicken and schmaltz this year, then go ahead, snag tickets for Saturday Lunch.  If your life won’t be complete without sampling Inovasi Chef John des Rosier’s Darjeeling Smoked Pork Belly with chocolate, ahi panca chile and mache salad, then you won’t want to pass on Saturday Dinner tickets.

stans Photo by Anne Petersen: Inovasi:  Chef John des Rosiers

But wait, there’s more!  We also announced the creation of a brand new experience for VIP Ticket Holders!  Check out the details of the Old Forester Speakeasy here (TL:DR – VIP ticket holders get access to an exclusive lounge with comfortable seating and rare bourbon samples thanks to new partner Old Forester).

whiskey gif

So, head on over to our chef schedule, take it all in, then click through to our ticketing page and pick the session that completes you.