“B. B. D. Es.” Bacon Buffalo Deviled Eggs by Bill Rickey

Ingredients :
1 dozen hard boiled eggs
Egg yolks
2 strips of Thick cut BACON diced
2tbsp mayonnaise
2tbsp buffalo sauce
1.5 tbsp finely diced celery
2 tbsp finely grated sharp cheddar cheese
Pinch of kosher salt

Crumbled blue cheese
Bacon dust ( 1 slice crispy thick cut bacon )
Fresh parsley

Hard boil 1 dozen eggs. Cool.
Cut eggs in half, remove yolk.
Mix filling ingredients together.
Place in egg whites
Make bacon dust ( finely chop 1 slice crispy thick cut bacon. Crisp bacon again in frying pan. Place in food processor to dust like consistency. )
Top with all topping listed above.
Chill for optimal taste for 1 hour and serve.

Deviled Eggs 2

Deviled Eggs 1