OK, bacon-nation,T-minus 3 weeks to the big day.

Last chance to win free tix.

How much do you love bacon?  No tix for the SOLD OUT Baconfest Chicago?  Here’s one more chance – the Ultimate Bacon Song Competition (THE UBSC):

There are two ways you can enter, but both involve VIDEO.

1.  Write your heartfelt SONG to Bacon. Film yourself singing it.  Post to Youtube.  Send us the link.

2.  KARAOKE option:  Find a Karaoke track of a song you’d like to adapt.  Re-write the lyrics to said song.  What should the lyrics be about?…. BACON! (of course).   Why you love it, why you need it, why you just can’t stay away…  whatever.  Film yourself singing the song while the karaoke track plays in the background.  (Dance numbers a plus.)  Post to Youtube.  Send us the link.

[YOU must be the one performing the song.  Don’t try to fool us by having some hot friend sing the song.  It must be you!   Oh wait… no, Mike is telling me the “hot friend” route is just fine…. so ok anyone can sing the song.]

Production values are not what’s important here.  We’re looking at the creative ideas first and foremost.  (Though high-end video/audio is always appreciated.)  But seriously, use the built in cam on your computer for all we care.


You have until Sunday March 28th at 6pm to e-mail us the youtube link.

Do you love Bacon and not have tix to BFC?  Here is your chance!!  Just think, how many other folks out there are actually gonna get their act together to submit an entry for this goofy contest.  VERY few.  You could win!  The Prize:  Two tickets to the 100% SOLD OUT Baconfest Chicago, April 10th.  And we’ll definitely play your song at the event (at least once).

E-mail youtube links to andre@baconfestchicago.com

FAIR WARNING:  We may open up the judging to a public forum via Facebook/twitter, so keep that in mind!!

C’mon Bacon Nation, let’s hear/see some freakin’ Bacon music videos.

[On this note, I’d like to throw a quick shout out to Dan Biemer aka Captain Ambivalent who wrote and recorded a great tune for last years event:  https://baconfestchicago.com/2009/08/13/bacon-songwriting-competition/]  No video, but still a FUN tune.