UPDATE – 4/4/10

Well friends, tough choices are part of life.   I love every one of these 6 videos. But there can be only one Winner.


Paul Kim aka MC Sizzle for his tune/video “Sizzle Sizzle Pop Pop”.

Paul writes:  I am really glad you like my song, I NEED to go to baconfest!!! I LOVE BACON. I broke up with my girlfriend and one of the reasons is because i don’t throw around the word “love” easily, I LOVE BACON.

We dug Paul’s dance moves, costume, bling, and general theatrical flair.  And judging by the overwhelming response from our web-survey, so did many of you.

Paul, two tickets to Baconfest Chicago have your name on it!  CONGRATULATIONS.

Thank you again to Mandee, Amy, Patrick and Neil, Stuart and Buda, and Stephanie – for their great videos/songs.  We’ll leave them posted below as long as you’ll let us.


Ok Bacon-nation,

THE DEAD-LINE HAS NOW PASSED.  We have a FIRM total of 6 submissions of Bacon-music-videos.  I’m calling them all “finalists.”

Mike, Seth and I have our favs, but we’d like to hear from you out there bacon-nation.  Thoughts?  Go to the Face-book page and post a comment to the thread titled VOTE NOW AGAIN!.  Let us know who you like – and a brief reason why.  And no harsh comments about the ones you don’t like, or they’ll be deleted instantly.  Be nice, these awesome folks put themselves out there for tickets.  Don’t be mean.

Here is a wrap up:

1.  Mandee Schwartz – From Mandee:  “I did a little song parody to “Bedrock” by Young Money, Lil Wayne, and about 8 other rappers who are also featured in the song.”  She calls it “Bacon-rock”.  It has one of my favorite lyrics of all time “ooh bacon, I’d paddle a canoe for you, bacon, I’d fight a kangaroo for you, bacon.”  She was my wife’s personal favorite – unapologetic, bold and fearless.  And when she starts eating bacon at the end – priceless!

2.  Paul Kim (aka MC Sizzle) – WINNER – WINNER – WINNER announced 4/4/10 “Sizzle Sizzle Pop Pop, that’s the beat that bacon drops!  Sizzle Sizzle Pop Pop, I’ll eat it till my heart stops.”  His bling is a frying pan worn like a necklace.  Dance moves, High-larious!!  Great lyrics – Paul send them to me and I’ll add them to this post.  He reminds me of a Korean kid I knew back in high-school who had a similar affinity for “rap”.  I just could not stop laughing (in a good way).

3.  Amy Rynell for “My Fave-Bacon Things” an adaptation of the Rodgers and Hammerstein Classic “My Favorite Things”.  Brave, vulnerable yet committed, and 100% charming.  She included her lyrics, so be sure to check them out (they’re below the video).

Bacon-wrapped scallops and fat-infused baked beans,

Bright copper frypans and worn grease splat-ter screens;

Brown smoked pork packages tied up with strings;

these are a few of my fave-bacon things.

Cream-colored fat next to crispy redi-sh strips;

Atop baked potatoes and inside tast-y dips;

Some sizzling pancetta that’s fit for the kings;

these are a few of my fave-bacon things.

Grease on white aprons with red checkered sashes;

Bacon inside quiche and stewed succotashes;

Hot bacon dressing to spinach life brings;

these are a few of my fave-bacon things.

When the hog bites,

when the oil stings,

when I’m feeling sad,

I simply remember my fave-bacon things,

and then I don’t feel, so bad.

4.  Patrick Rynell (with Neil Pollock on guitar and supporting vocals) – “Makin’ It With Bacon and My Baby” – Pretty great!!!!!  Johnny Cash would be proud.  And I think it’s an original tune…

5.  Stephanie Vasconcellos – “untitled a capella” to the tune of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.  Bravo Stephanie! – solo voice, the cat… so sweet.  And just think, after your baby is born you’ll be able to say to him/her “see, I sang this silly song about bacon while you were in my belly!”

6.  Stuart Prentice and Steve Buda – with their duet “Make it Sizzle” (an original tune).  I don’t know what to say about this.  The whole thing cuts a little too close to home.  Like a time machine back to my youth.  I simultaneously laughed and cried.  These two dudes are THE future of …. something AMAZING.

Thank you to all 6 contestants.  SERIOUSLY.  Thank you.  TOUGH decision.  We need your help bacon-nation.  Chime in on the Facebook post.  We’ll do some soul searching, and we’ll “take into account”, but NOT be “mandated by” your comments and thoughtsWe’ll announce the winner on Friday morning. We’re gonna hold off on announcing the winner til Sunday morning to give as many people a chance to evaluate all 6 entries as possible.  This contest has been loads of fun for us.  Thanks everyone!

Andre Von Baconvitch