Ashlee Gabrysch – The Bacon Breakfast Taco

Narrative of The Bacon Breakfast Taco:

As a native San Antonian, I begin to crave breakfast tacos as soon as I cross the state line.  I moved to Chicago in 2002 and in order to keep myself in this great city and my cravings at bay, I began to make breakfast tacos.  Soon though, those around me began to crave these as well and the rest is history.  I have not been able to find in Chicago flour tortillas that are the proper ratio of fluffy to chewy and have begun to make my own.

This dish features bacon tortillas.  In addition to the pork lard (self-rendered) I add bacon crumbles to the dough before I roll out the tortillas.  On top of the (skillet cooked) bacon tortilla, this dish features a bacon, roasted tomatillo and cumin salsa.  An egg fried in bacon grease is balanced on top of the salsa.  A simple guacamole of avocados and cilantro adorns the egg and the taco is all finished quite appropriately with a perfectly crispy piece of bacon.  The result being a scrumptious morning, noon and night treat that immediately transports the eater to a decadent, Tex-Mex-bacon-y isle.

The Anatomy of The Bacon Breakfast Taco:

Bacon Tortilla
*baking soda
*pork lard

Bacon, Roasted Tomatillo and Cumin Salsa

Fried Egg
*bacon grease


Bacon Strips
*bacon grease

  • February 27, 2007