Hello Bacon-Nation:

So the Baconfest Chicago Triumvirate is hard at work lining up Vendors to exhibit at Baconfest Chicago 2011 on April 9th at the UIC FORUM.

Any suggestions?

Anyone from Artisan bacon-makers to bacon-crafts people, makers of Bacon-sweets, etc… purveyors of Bacon-related-products of any kind – if they’re out there and they make bacon-related schtuff, we wanna make sure they get a Vendor Application.

We want to make the Bacon-Expo as varied and delightful as possible.

[To be clear, this does NOT pertain to Chefs/Restaurants.  (We have plenty of Chefs/Restaurants in the pipe-line.)  We’re recruiting Vendors specifically, people like Vosges Chocolate, or gourmet meat-markets etc.  (see Vendors 2010 for last years roster.)]

In a nutshell:  The BFC Vendor Expo allows bacon-entrepreneurs the opportunity to sample and/or to sell their products to hordes of Bacon-crazed guests in attendance at Baconfest Chicago 2011.

Suggestions or recommendations can be sent to andre@baconfestchicago.com and any interested Vendors can e-mail me directly as well for more information and an application.

Oh and as always, the same goes if people have any Sponsor recommendations.

Thanks Nation.
Andre Von Baconvitch