Mike, Erin and I had the good fortune to attend the Mayfest Pig Roast at Paddy Long’s last Saturday in the wake of that killer Blackhawks OT win.

We of course had pulled pork sandwiches which were melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  Also finally got to try the legendary Bacon-Board (see vid below).  Mind-blowingly fantastic.  And we closed by sharing an Irish breakfast burger which kicked off the food-coma.

A variety of beers were drank – and Big Al’s Oompah Band was actually sort of genius.

Word was they’d started the pig roasting in the backyard of the Pub at 5am!  Labor of love and well worth it.

Thanks Pat and Chris for being such fun hosts.  We’ll be sporting the T-s with pride.

Here’s pics they sent us.

paddy pig

Paddy pig 2

paddy pig 3

I hesitate to post this pic below cuz it’s a little scary – but…

paddy pig 4


For those of you Bacon lovers who have yet to visit Paddy Long’s, Baconfest Chicago HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommends the following:

BEER & BACON TASTING at Paddy Long’s

To book spaces at our Beer & Bacon tasting please email chris@paddylongs.com

Tastings take place Saturdays @6PM, Sundays @2PM. 5 delicious cuts of bacon paired with 5 seasonal craft beers. Cost is $35 per person.

“Our menu differs each week but recent bacons have included: Italian Pancetta, Danish bacon, Irish bacon, Polish Hunters bacon, Cracked pepper bacon and Brown sugar bacon (both prepared at Paddy’s).   Our beers are always craft brews from near and far that are specifically chosen to compliment the bacon.”

FYI:  This week there are tastings Thursday 29th April @7PM and Sunday, May 2nd @2PM. Contact chris@paddylongs.com to reserve tix.

Paddy pig 5