Hello Bacon Nation:

We are pleased to announce that there are TWO winners of the 2016 Bacon Poetry Contest.  Congratulations to Joseph S. Pete and David Kurtz.  Their poems “Baconmandias, King of Kings” and “If It Weren’t for Bacon” have been selected as co-winners for 2016 by the BFC Literary Panel.  We’re pleased to award them with four VIP tickets to Baconfest Chicago on April 30 or May 1.  A big thank you to all those who entered the contest.  We received so many great entries.  Judging poetry is very subjective and in our eyes, you are all winners.  But there can be only one  two – and for 2016, their names are Joseph and Pete.  Enjoy their poems below.

Thanks Bacon Nation for your enthusiasm for this contest.  Baconfest Chicago is at the end of the month!!  If you haven’t bought tickets, you’re not too late!

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Andre, Michael and Seth


Winners of the 2016 Bacon Poetry Contest:

Baconmandias, King of Kings by Joseph S. Pete

“My name is Baconmandias, king of kings:
Listen to my sizzle, ye Mighty, and hunger!”

I met a baconaut from a delicious land
Who said: “Four crisp and meaty strips of bacon
Fry on the pan. Near them, in my hand,
Half clenched, is a spatula, whose grease
And liquified drippings show bacon’s savory command,
And tell that its eater knows this passion well,
Which burns like cured pork belly on the stovetop.
Lo, turkey bacon is a special kind of hell.
Bacon deserves a pedestal where these words appear:
‘My name is Baconmandias, king of kings:
Listen to my sizzle, ye Mighty, and hunger!’
Nothing on the plate remains. Round the bacony kiss
Of briney, flavorful fat from the rasher.
Bacon’s salty embrace is something you miss.”


IF IT WEREN’T FOR BACON – by David Kurtz

If it weren’t for Bacon I would be broke and alone
Sad , Starved, Destitute with no wife and no home

As a young jewish boy forbade to eat pork
I knew not of the splendor amiss from my fork

I knew not of the salty, the smokey, and sweet
The heaven-sent crispy, tender slices of meat

Until a girl with a smile and a penchant for swine
Had me over for lunch and blew my damn mind

She said “Ill make you a sandwich, and I’ll make it for free,
It’s a favorite of mine, it’s called a B-L-T”

A free lunch for a jew, This I could not resist
So I patiently waited as her frying pan lit

I had no view of the kitchen but a sound caught my ear
A sizzle like none heard in my then fifteen years

Seconds went by and the air filled with desire
The aroma was haunting like a tabernacle choir

“What is that smell” I asked with my throat getting hoarse
She gleefully grinned “that’s the bacon of course”

Bacon oh no! Should I tell her I’m Kosher?
Too late, the bread just popped from the toaster

One sandwich surely God won’t punish me for
But upon my first bite I knew I would need more

You see that was the day I renounced my religion
And shacked up with that girl for her bacon’s precision\

Now we are married and eat bacon each day
With only cholesterol blocking my way

…And my arteries #worthit

photo by Ben Collins-Sussman.  http://flickr.com/photos/bcollsuss