Campo de Encanto translates to Field of Enchantment. The place from where a remarkable spirit should come. What is Pisco? Only the Grand Eau de Vie of the Tropics. Delicious. Rugged. Handcrafted. World-Class. And, most importantly, Yours. An older Cousin to Cognac, Grappa and Sherry, Pisco is the first distilled spirit in the Americas. Preserved in its original state for many centuries, Pisco from Perú is made by harvesting the choicest grapes of Old Vines, fermenting that grape juice into wine, distilling the young wine just once, and then bottling the spirit without any interference from added water, wooden barrels or sugars. Today, Encanto is perfect for cocktail mixing, shaking and stirring, as every batch is fieldtested by Mixologists, approved by Sommeliers before release.

Cocktail name: Encanto Pisco Punch

Ingredients: Campo de Encanto Pisco Grand and Noble, Bank Exchange Pineapple Cordial, fresh lime juice, red wine

Who: Otis Steven Florence, assistant blender/brand ambassador, Campo de Encanto Pisco


2 oz Campo de Encanto Pisco Grand and Noble

1 oz Bank Exchange Pineapple Cordial

1 oz fresh lime juice

0.5 oz red wine (Malbec preferred)


Shake all ingredients (except wine) over ice. Strain over fresh ice in a short glass. Top with red wine.