Baconfest is exciting!  Gets your heart racing and your blood pumping! That’s why we are thrilled that this year, for the first time, Concentra is joining Baconfest as a sponsor.   When the fest to be a little too exciting, guests can take a break and visit the Concentra Chill Out Lounge just outside the doors of the main hall.  There will be seats to rest your weary feet and a registered nurse will be standing by to offer guests blood pressure readings while you relax (really!).  Thank you for joining us and making Baconfest a place where gluttony walks hand in hand with good health!


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Immediate care – bridges the gap between the injury that’s too urgent to wait for the family physician and the life-threatening situation that merits a trip to the emergency room. Concentra’s Urgent Care clinics offer experienced clinicians who are dedicated to treating patients with skill and respect. Plus, you don’t need an appointment for your visit, and we offer “no-surprise” posted pricing, convenient locations, and extended hours at many centers.