Out of concern for the health and safety of our whole community in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, in compliance with the recent guidance from the CDC and the IL Department of Public Health, Baconfest Chicago and Da Best Fest are canceled.

Baconfest will be back next year on Saturday, April 10, 2021. Da Best Fest will be rescheduled to a date to be determined.

We are issuing refunds for all ticket purchases this week.

On a personal note, we would like you to know that we, the three co-founders of Baconfest, share your disappointment at the cancellation of this April’s events. It stinks. I know we’re all reeling, but if you have the capacity, we’d like to urge you to consider supporting all those affected in one or more of the following ways:

  • If you love Chicago’s food scene, support your favorite restaurants by purchasing gift certificates or, when possible, ordering take-out or delivery. The economic impact of the virus on the hospitality industry will be devastating. Your patronage now will make it possible for some restaurants to keep their doors open.
  • Consider ordering products online from your favorite bacon-makers and artisan food vendors. They need your patronage to survive as well.
  • Please consider making a donation to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Even when a global pandemic is not in the headlines, the GCFD works day and night to make sure that the most vulnerable members of our community have an option for their next meal. Under today’s circumstances, their work is more important than ever and the need is even more acute.
  • Stay home! We’re no epidemiologists, but everything we’re reading suggests that keeping your distance from each other is the most important tool we have in the tool kit to “flatten the curve” and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This, in turn, gives our overburdened healthcare system the best chance of delivering care to those who need it most. Healthy or not, now’s the time to stay home.

Thank you for your understanding. Please reach out to info@baconfestchicago.com with any questions or concerns.

Andre, Michael, and Seth