Hello Bacon-Nation:

So my lovely wife (Mrs. Chloe Vonbaconvitch) and I were up in northern Wisconsin over the weekend visiting some friends at their cottage on Post Lake near Nicollette National Forest.  On our drive back south, we stopped in Wittenberg, WI to visit the home of Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats.  As most of you should already know, Nueske’s is a MAJOR sponsor of Baconfest Chicago, and they’ve been with us since our very first event at the Publican in 2009.  Over the last three years, they’ve donated thousands of pounds of bacon to our guest chefs to use in their Baconfest creations.  Nueske’s also sponsors the Baconfest Chicago Amateur Cook-off every year which has yielded an INCREDIBLE roster of spectacular recipes.

What else is there to say?  Nueske’s = BEST SPONSOR EVER!  So how could I not stop by to pay my respects to the Bethlehem of smoked meats, the place where it all began, the birth place of Bob Nueske’s great empire?

Marketing Director Megan Dorsch, (a great friend to Baconfest Chicago over the years), met us at the door armed with a delightful gift bag filled with all sorts of smoky meaty awesomeness.  She gave us a tour of the shop and the original smoke house, and generally made me feel cool and in the know as we sauntered around camp.  The aroma (and I mean A-R-O-M-A) of smokiness hit us like a wall of pure bliss the moment we walked in.  Words can’t describe it…. like walking directly into Heaven’s front door.

Below are some pics.  (I know Seth and Michael are appropriately jealous – and yes, I will share some goodies from the gift bag at our meeting tonight).

Google maps has the trip clocking in at about 4hrs and 20 minutes from Downtown Chicago.  Get up there Bacon-Nation and experience it for yourselves!  But luckily for us all, Nueske’s Meats are in many fine grocery stores/butcher-shops around Chicagoland, and their mail-order selection is extensive.

YUM-NUESKE’S-YUM!!  Wow it feels good to endorse a sponsor we so 100% genuinely LOVE!

Peace Bacon Nation,

Andre Von Baconvitch


Andre at “The Sign”

My wife Chloe giving me her “I can’t believe I married this loser” look.

No captions necessary.  I wept.

Chloe and Megan outside the ORIGINAL Nueske’s smokehouse (circa 1933).

Andre and Megan at “The Sign”.