Greetings Bacon-nation:

Andre Von Baconvitch here with a meal recap that might be of interest (especially for those attending the Southern/Eve Baconfest Satellite Dinner on the 26th of October.)

So I’m working downtown near the Water Tower for my day job these days and my wife came down to meet me for dinner. We decided to drop in on Chef Troy Graves at EVE Restaurant since it was in the area and I’d never been there for a meal.  Those of you who’ve followed our adventures since THE PUBLICAN Cookoff will remember Troy as one of the original 10 Baconfest Chicago Chefs, as well as a veteran of Baconfest Chicago 2010.  He’s been a staunch advocate of BFC since the very beginning.  We’re fans – so this whole post is granted a little biased.

Chef Troy, gracious as ever, welcomed us and after getting a sense of what we did and didn’t eat, suggested we turn in our menus and let him start sending out dishes he thought we’d enjoy. I’ve been at this long enough now to know that when a Chef says “put away the menus, and let me bring you out some stuff” the answer should always be “sure! Thank you!” And our trust was so well rewarded.

Below is a recap of the 5 course trip to heaven. Sorry there are no photos – I didn’t think to shoot the dishes until I’d inhaled them. All to say: if you have yet to visit EVE Restaurant, FIX THAT! The food is awesome, atmosphere elegant yet relaxed, friendly staff and all around great place to have a meal. And very reasonably priced.  If you find yourselves downtown, drop by.  Pardon the pedestrian descriptions.  I’m not a food writer at all.

We started with a St. Germain and Bombay Sapphire cocktail with a little lemon rind in the mix. What a way to open.

First Course: Deviled Egg topped with spicy lobster and roe. (Yes. Delicious doesn’t begin to describe).

Second Course: Buttermilk fried oysters with tasso ham waffle and pickled okra remoulade dressed lightly with a spicy cream sauce (or at least that’s the best way I can describe it).  I’ve never before had such fresh-tasting fried oysters – not overwhelmed by the frying.

Third Course: A roasted baby pumpkin stuffed with lobster, brussels sprouts, chanterelle mushrooms, cilantro and gruyere fondue. AND there were robust smoky orgasm inducing bacon pieces in the mix (which Troy said he tossed in there especially for me 🙂 The pumpkin itself was 100% tender and we ate the entire plate pumpkin and all.

Fourth Course: Grouper cheeks (lightly fried) surrounded by the most tender shredded oxtail, sauteed mushrooms and crispy toasted Kale. Never had fish cheeks before. AMAZING!  And I usually hate Kale – but this was fantastic.

Fifth Course: Gorgeous grilled ostrich (it seemed more like tenderloin of some sort or maybe venison.) Mind-blowingly tender.  Ostrich… who knew?   Underneath the ostrich was a perfectly fatty pork belly (again, maybe added for my benefit), and the most incredible grilled apple slices which exploded with grilled juicy goodness.  The plate was garnished with some kind of delicious beer-cheese thing that I wont do justice describing.  By the time this plate arrived, I thought I was full.  Yet that plate still managed to leave our table empty.

Desert: Offered, but we had to take a pass or we wouldn’t have made it out the door from being so full!

Thank you Troy and EVE for a great evening, and a fantastic meal.  We look forward to seeing you at the Southern on the 26th, and at Baconfest Chicago on April 9th 2011 at the UIC FORUM!

God I love Baconfest Chicago!!!!!!


Andre Von Baconvitch