Baconfest Chicago tickets are sold out, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from enjoying the pleasures of Baconfest on your own!

Today, we are delighted to release the list of dishes that Baconfest chefs will be presenting on April 20.  We’ve spent the last few days poring over these dishes and every time we look, we get more and more excited for the fest.  We think you’ll be excited too.

Ticketholders – enjoy this preview of the fest; plan your route around the festival floor; fuel your bacon dreams.

If you’re not a ticket holder, we’ve got something for you too.  As we did last year, we’ve recruited our chefs’ help to make sure that everyone in Chicago can experience a taste of Baconfest on their own.  Use the information below detailing which restaurants will be serving their Baconfest dish at their own restaurants to design your own independent Baconfest Chicago eating itinerary.  Bacon for all!

Restaurant Dish Is it available outside of Baconfest?
BACARO Triple-S Farm bacon and pineapple upside down cake with bacon whipped cream and crispy pork rind
BAKERSFIELD A True “Ham” Burger – Ground Berkshire pork shoulder & Nueske’s bacon patty, crispy La Quercia pancetta, Bakersfield Clubhouse Mayo, La Quercia Iowa white lardo spread in a Standard Market housemade bun  Dish available on the regular menu.
BANG BANG PIE SHOP Pigs in a Blanket – Candied peppered applewood smoked bacon wrapped in our local leaf lard pie pastry and stuffed with preserved tart cherries It will not be on their menu although candied bacon is a regular menu item.
BARN & COMPANY  Bacon Bacon Bacon Baby Back Bones – Bacon fat slather, bacon-infused dry rub, bacon fat mop, bacon-wrapped hickory-smoked ribs with bacon guajillo BBQ sauce
BAUME & BRIX  Fat Elvis # 1(savory) – peanut butter braised bacon, brioche-banana mousse, bacon roasted peanuts
Fat Elvis # 2 (sweet) – peanut macaron filled with banana ganache and bourbon-bacon jam
BEL 50  Bacon Wrapped Date – Nueske’s bacon infused waffle topped with whipped Romesco, goat cheese and crumbled bacon, drizzled with date syrup The dish is a Baconfest Exclusive, however BEL 50 is offering the Belgian Triple Bypass ($7.95) leading up to Baconfest. This sandwich is made up of house sausage topped with Virginia ham, applewood-smoked bacon and roasted red pepper aioli over cheesy eggs on artisan waffle bread.
bellyQ Bacon Kimchi Dumpling It’s a Baconfest exclusive, BUT the restaurant reports, “on bellyQ’s regular menu, we offer a Double Smoked Bacon & Kimchi Pancake and a Double Smoked Bacon & Kimchi Hot Pot on our dinner menu, and a Maple Glazed Togarashi Bacon for our brunch menu.”
BENNY’S CHOP HOUSE Strawberry Rhubarb “Pie” with applewood-smoked bacon streusel Applewood Smoked Bacon Doughnut with green apple jelly and apple butter Benny’s Chop House will be offering Chef Aaron Lindgren’s Strawberry Rhubarb “Pie” as a dessert special from from April 11-April 30 during lunch and dinner hours (11am-11pm) each day. As always, guests at Benny’s are also able to enjoy house-cured Maple Glazed Bacon during lunch and dinner.
BEURRAGE Sweet Bacon Tartlet – Bacon fat pate brisee, maple pastry cream, bacon-pecan brittle Jefrey Hallenbeck says, “We would gladly repeat it upon special request. Also, we will be publishing the recipes for our dishes on our blog near the time of the event, including detailed instructions on making our baconfat-infused pastry doughs.”
Savory Bacon Tartlet – Bacon fat puff pastry, housemade fromage blanc, caramelized onion, crispy bacon They also have a recurring savory croissant flavor featuring bacon: the Croissant Lorraine, with bacon, gruyere, and onion. They bring this flavor to the farmer’s market only periodically – so you’ll have to keep an eye out!
BIG JONES Refried bacon confit with country ham-creamed sauerkraut, pumpernickel toast and sweet and sour beets
BREAD & WINE Braised bacon, coriander mustard, fermented turnip
BRISTOL & BALENA Baconskin Krispie Treats
BROWNTROUT Brandade fritters with spicy bacon lime hollandaise
BURGER BAR CHICAGO Pork Belly Bahn Mi The Bahn Mi will be on the menu for $16 for the whole month of April.
CARNIVALE Spicy bacon media noche with bacon cole slaw They will offer their Baconfest dish as an $11 lunch special the week from Monday, April 15th to Friday, April 19th.
CENTRAL STANDARD Suckonork – Suckling pig porchetta (house ham, bacon, housemade sausage rolled inside  a deboned suckling pig), served on an onion roll with spicy head cheese, simple slaw, baconnaise, and homemade dill pickles Their dish will appear on the menu as a special from April 22nd – April 28th.
EPIC RESTAURANT Cherry Braised Pork Belly – bacon cherry glaze peanut & cherry wood bacon brittle Epic Restaurant will be featuring the pork belly dish they are doing at Baconfest as part of their Spring menu which will begin on April 16th.
FARMHOUSE Bacon and lamb strudel with midwestern spring pickle
FIRECAKES Maple Glazed Pineapple & Bacon Donuts This donut is currently offered at Firecakes daily (until they sell out).
HEARTY Bacon Cotton Candy
HOPLEAF Corn batter fried bacon meatball with mustard slaw and tomato-red onion jam
HUB 51 Crispy Bacon Tacos served with avocado and pico de gallo
J LAFAYETTE CATERING COMPANY New Orleans Style Bacon Bread Pudding – sweet cayenne gastric bacon and drageed pecans, with a shot of bacon horchata with micro mint.
LA MADIA Balsamic-glazed bacon, spinach & whipped ricotta bruschette The dish will run as a special from April 20th through the end of the month.
LA SIRENA CLANDESTINA Feijoada baconed black beans with malagueta sauce
LOCKWOOD RESTAURANT AT THE PALMER HOUSE HILTON  Slow poached egg with bacon ragout, bacon dashi, nori
LOKaL  Bacon, leek, cheddar scramble on bacon-fat crostini Available for brunch Saturday and Sunday!
MAY ST. CAFÉ Ancho chile chocolate cake with 3gs anejo tequila-infused cherries, wild cherry-smoked bacon and agave nectar caramel sauce
MERCAT A LA PLANXA Tocino Bocadillo – Smoked pork belly slider with a Guindilla cabbage slaw and pickled Fresno on housemade Bahama bread Mercat will offer this sandwich at the restaurant from April 16 to April 23.
MEXIQUE Pepita macaron, bacon fudge mole, pernod orange meringue
MICHAEL JORDAN’S STEAKHOUSE Smoked Bacon “Italian Beef” Sandwich served dipped in bacon jus with bacon giardinera This dish is a Baconfest exclusive, but leading up to Baconfest from 4/15 – 4/21 Michael Jordan’s will offer: Ground Bacon & Waygu Beef Smash Burger Sliders, slice of bacon and bourbon (at the bar)
They’ll also offer an 8-oz Filet with Burton’s Maple Glazed Bacon w/ Bacon Jam and Braised Bacon Balsamic Jus in the dining room.
MRS. MURPHY & SONS IRISH BISTRO Bacon and Beer S’more – Homemade bacon graham cracker, Murphy’s Stout marshmallow, candied bacon, toasted pecan and milk chocolate
N9NE STEAKHOUSE  Topless Bacon & Steak Slider on brioche with pickled pepper horseradish cream sauce and microgreens. Their offering will appear on their Bar Bites menu at $10 each.  They are great items as a nosh after work and with a cocktail prior to a night out.
NANA ORGANIC Housemade bacon English muffin, braised pork belly, ancho-piloncillo syrup, French eggs, green tomato jam, mixed sprouts This dish will appear on Nana’s menu only as an special for the moment after the event
NONNA SANTI’S BISCOTTI  Bacon Cornbread Biscotti
OLD TOWN SOCIAL Chicken Fried Bacon – Breaded, fried, applewood-smoked from local heritage breed hogs
ONE NORTH Pork Belly Adobo
PADDY LONG’S Bacon Bread Pudding – vanilla bread pudding packed with fried bacon bits and covered in a creamy Jameson’s Irish whiskey sauce. It will be a permanent fixture on the regular menu.
PIECE New Haven style pizza – hand-formed and topped with our tomato sauce, mozzarella, and Nueske’s bacon
PLEASANT HOUSE BAKERY Bacon, cheddar, and onion Royal Pies – featuring the debut of their very own Royal Rashers (English-style bacon)
PORKCHOP Bacon-wrapped pulled pork blue cheese jalapeno with BBQ sauce Porkchop will serve their dish as a special for the week of Baconfest.
DAVID BURKE’S PRIMEHOUSE Cherry-cured Bacon Chocolate Tart – cherry-cured bacon lardon, dark chocolate ganache, sour cherry jam, smoked vanilla and hickory cream This will run as  special dessert during the week of Baconfest, from 4/16 thru 4/21.
PURE KITCHEN Kimchi braised bacon, house cracker, black garlic & potato puree, yuzu & bacon vinaigrette
RED BUTTER Tandoori Bacon Arancini & Mint Raita
RED DOOR  Smoked beef shoulder-bacon mandu with kimchi and spicy bacon dipping sauce This dish is a Baconfest exclusive but Troy Graves reports, “Just wanted to let you know of something we are doing the week of Baconfest. We are sort of pre- gaming: offering several different bacon bites paired with a cocktail.”
SIGNATURE ROOM AT THE 95TH Smoked bacon bread pudding, pork tenderloin stuffed with chorizo and wrapped in bacon, bacon braised red cabbage, bacon ancho sauce
SLURPING TURTLE Bacon Ramen – Tonkotsu based broth, housemade ramen noodles, marinated quail egg, kamaboko, black pepper bacon, scallion, bacon oil
Bacon Pecan Brittle with Jivara praline mousse and caramel ganache
SMALLBAR – DIVISION Bacon cookie and parsnip fluff “moon pie” with salted chocolate
SOUTH WATER KITCHEN Bacon S’more: maple graham cracker, chocolate,apple smoked  bacon marshmallow
SPACCA NAPOLI  Gattò di patate con endivia e aceto vino rosso, non filtrato – savory potato cake with sautéed endive and single varietal, unfiltered red wine vinegar
STOUT BARREL HOUSE & GALLEY  Bacon maple bread pudding, bacon whipped cream, and whiskey bacon caramel, topped with bacon granola
THE COOKING CHICKS  Cooking Chicks Chocolate Cherry Bacon Stout Cupcake with a Bacon Buttercream frosting
THE FLORENTINE  Bacon Caramelli all’Amatriciana – bacon-filled candy shaped pasta with a spicy tomato bacon sauce It will be available as a special in the lead up to Baconfest.
THE GAGE  Bacon Sassaka on toasted housemade bacon brioche, whisky-infused cherry mostarda, shaved fennel and arugula salad with bacon vinaigrette The Gage will be serving its Baconfest dish for $14 on the Saturday and Sunday of Baconfest.
THE RADLER  Bacon and rye crostini with Baconfest cabbage confit, fried oyster and bacon powder
TOWNHOUSE RESTAURANT AND WINE BAR S’more Bacon – Maker’s Mark bacon marshmallow filled with milk chocolate ganache made with Revolution Brewing’s Rise Stout between two bacon grahams Available as a dessert special from April 22 to May 1st.
UNCLE BUB’S BBQ  Candied bacon with salted caramel sauce – Thick-cut bacon candied with a secret blend of sugars and spices, then topped with a salted caramel sauce.  Just the right amount of sweet and salty
UNTITLED The “Love Me Tender” – Pork belly panino with smoked banana, truffle caramel, and cashew butter This dish will be on their menu from Tuesday, April 16 thru Sunday, April 21.
VIE Crispy pork belly, ramp kraut, steamed bun, crispy pork ear
WAVE Chicken Fried Bacon with Bacon Maple Caramel Will be available as a special for $12 in the bar from 4/15 to 4/21.
WEST TOWN BAKERY & DINER Candied Bacon-Whiskey-Maple Donut Holes
WEST TOWN TAVERN  Tavern Beer Cheese and Nueske’s Pepper-Smoked Bacon Sandwiches The dish will be offered as special “sliders” from April 15th to 20th.
WILDFIRE  Nueske’s-wrapped bacon-marinated beef tenderloin stuffed with blue cheese, roasted pepper & caramelized onion, topped with bacon aioli
WOW BAO Freshly Steamed Bao: choice of Egg, Bacon, & Cheddar or BBQ Pork
ZED451 ZED Bacon n’ Egg Ice Cream Cone – Bacon and egg infused homemade ice cream with candied bacon bits. Served in a mini waffle cone lined with homemade chocolate.
Restaurant Dish Is it available outside of Baconfest?
2 SPARROWS Bacon-wrapped pineapple upside down cupcake with pineapple frosting and candied bacon bits
3 FLOYDS BREWING CO. French toast, seared bacon confit, cured egg yolk, bourbon barrel aged maple whipped cream.
312 CHICAGO Orrechiette alla Carbonara – Ear-shaped pasta with Nueske’s  applewood-smoked pepper-coated bacon, sweet peas, egg yolk, cream and parmesan cheese. Mele Miele Maiale (Apple Honey Pig – G. Bertagnolli honey grappa, housemade bacon-apple bitters and smoked apple cider
676 RESTAURANT & BAR Braised Belly “Clothesline” Bacon Primal Bacon  The lamb belly and bacon are on the menu currently and will continue to be on it throughout the summer months.
694 WINE & SPIRITS The Kick-Ass BLT featuring Benton’s Bacon
ACADIA Bacon Onion Jam Poptart with bacon topping station – bacon icing, bacon powder, bacon bourbon maple caramel, bacon hot fudge, bacon peanut brittle, bacon whipped cream, smoked vanilla ice cream
ATWOOD CAFÉ Braised compressed bacon belly with whole grain mustard glaze and a crispy chicken skin Makers Mark “Fig Newton”
BAKIN’ & EGGS  Jalapeno bacon & smoked gouda mac-n-cheese Mini bacon cinnamon rolls with vanilla fudge frosting
BAR PASTORAL  Gougere filled with Bacon, Sweet Potato and Kimchi Mousse The dish will be available at Bar Pastoral starting April 22nd.
BAR TOMA  House-cured Pancetta with burrata, baby red mustard greens and Nichols Farm radishes
BLACK DOG GELATO  Waffle square with bacon gelato and nutella drizzle
BLUE PLATE CATERING  Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich – Braised Nueske’s bacon, Thai peanut sauce, daikon spouts and sriracha If a client is hosting an event catered by Blue Plate, their Baconfest dish would be a great addition to their menu.  It could be a unique passed hor d’oeuvre or small plate.
BRANCH 27  Bacon & Onion Tart – Applewood-smoked bacon, caramelized Lagunitas Censored Ale beer onions, swiss cheese
BRIDGE HOUSE TAVERN  Peanut butter and Nueske’s bacon bread pudding, wrapped in bacon with bacon and bourbon caramel, bacon sugar and fried rinds
CAFE SPIAGGIA  Rhubarb-glazed Italian-style doughnut with Nueske’s bacon crème anglaise Will be offered on the Cafe Spiaggia menu.
CHICAGO q  Triple Bacon Chocolate Mousse – Chocolate bacon mousse in a bacon phyllo cup topped with bacon granola and bourbon caramel Their dish will be available in the restaurant from April 14 to 20 for $7.25.
CITY TAVERN  BLT with braised cherry-smoked belly, smoked tomato jam, cornbread crouton, and baby kale chip
CRU KITCHEN & BAR  Bacon bread pudding with house-made kimchi and bacon caramel They will be offering the Baconfest dish at Cru Kitchen & Bar from 4/21 to 4/28 (Sunday to Sunday).
DAVANTI ENOTECA  Carbonara – Crispy belly + spring pea raviolo + quail egg + bacon brodo
deca RESTAURANT + BAR AT THE RITZ CARLTON  Benton Ham & Scallion Waffle, Nueske’s bacon jam, Tim Burton’s Bourbon maple syrup Boozy Smoked Bacon & Banana Ice Cream Coupe
EDZO’S BURGER SHOP  Applewood-smoked bacon & maple milkshake Available the week leading up to Baconfest.
ELLY’S PANCAKE HOUSE  Bacon/Nutella Pancakes with Orange Marmalade
FIREFLY GRILL  Pork Belly Pastrami Sandwich served on Pretzilla pretzel buns, Gruyere, caramelized onions
FLO AND SANTOS  Bacon Pierogi Explosion: house-made pierogi dough stuffed with bacon stock and garnished with crispy slab bacon
FRANCESCA’S FORNO  Lamb meatball with bacon jam and smoked tomato sauce
FRESCO 21  “Chicarbonara” slider – House-smoked pork belly pastrami, onion & parmigiano focaccia, rosemary aioli The dish will be a signature special after Baconfest from 4/20 – 5/15.
FRONTIER  Bacon & Cheddar Biscuits with Bacon Gravy The dish will be available only during Brunch – Fridays (11am-3pm) Saturdays & Sundays (10 am- 3pm ) – $8 only on 4/19, 4/20, 4/21, and 4/26, 4/27, 4/28.
GINGERSNAP SWEETS & SUCH  Bacon Zelnicky (Czech-style sauerkraut crackers)”Bacon Cake!”
GLAZED AND INFUSED  Maple bacon mini doughnut Chocolate bacon mini doughnut The doughnuts will be available at all locations the day of Baconfest.
HASH HOUSE A GO GO  Bacon fat fries topped with homemade cheese sauce and bacon crumbles
HUBBARD INN  Bacon Wrapped Dates with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
IPO  Nueske’s bacon marshmallow, candied pork rind, pork threads
JORDAN’S FOOD OF DISTINCTION  Shallot Scented Sweet Pomegranate – Black cherry lacquered apple wood-smoked bacon with baby micro tangerine and chive oil
LIBERTAD  Guajillo-achiote braised cherrywood smoked bacon, truffle white beans, baby arugula, pickled onions
LITTLE MARKET  P. Double B.L.T – pork belly, bacon, lettuce, tomato, bacon jam
MARKET BAR CHICAGO  Bacon and Sweet Corn Hush Puppies with crème fraîche and chipotle lime emulsion  Available as a special April 19th-April 21st.
MERCADITO  Carnitas de Pescado – 24-hour cured braised cod, fava beans, corn salsa, bacon vinaigrette, crispy bacon
PARAMOUNT ROOM  House-Cured Lamb’s Bacon “BLT” with lettuce, oil-cured tomato, and tomato aioli Chef Partner Stephen Dunne says, “While we won’t be offering the Lambs Bacon BLT since we have so much bacon already on the menu, we will be featuring a Nueske’s Bacon Special Item from 4/8-4/21, and we always offer our $1 Bacon Happy Hour from 3-6pm Monday-Friday.”
PARK GRILL AT MILLENNIUM PARK  Bacon-Pineapple Upside Down Cake – candied bacon, roasted pineapple, and smoked paprika (gluten-free)
PERENNIAL VIRANT  Bacon pate, beer jam aspic, bacon brioche, bacon mostardo This will appear periodically on Perennial Virant’s charcuterie platter at the restaurant; it will change daily.
PHIL STEFANI’S 437 RUSH  Braised Italian Pancetta, radicchio, aged balsamic, pearl onions It will be available as a special from 4/16 to 4/20 for $13.
PUBLIC HOUSE/BULL & BEAR  Smoked date, sherry & bacon gelato, bacon waffle cone, bacon ganache, crispy pig ears, bacon-fried peanuts
QUAY  Applewood-smoked bacon finocchiona, fig mustard, cornichon Cherrywood bacon country pate, port cherries, fennel Smoked bacon & peanut butter verrine, passionfruit
ROCKIT BAR & GRILL / ROCKIT BURGER BAR  Applewood-Smoked Bacon Chili with corn tortilla Strips & bacon sour cream Available as a sneak peek on the menu 4/18 and 4/19.
ROSEBUD  Caramelized Onion and Bacon Ravioli in a demi-glace sauce Rosebud on Rush and Carmine’s will be featuring this dish at dinner service Thursday through Sunday the week of Baconfest.
SABLE KITCHEN AND BAR  Smoked Pork Belly Sliders – Hawaiian buns, pickled pineapple relish, brown sugar ginger soy glaze
SAIGON SISTERS  “Black Pearl” Bacon Nem Nuong – Bacon fish meatballs, squid ink tapioca, nuoc cham dressing, cucumber, chili oil, Viet herbs Saigon Sisters will feature this dish in their specials menu after the event.
SHANGHAI TERRACE AT THE PENINSULA CHICAGO  Dong Po Pork Belly – red miso, palm sugar, braised jus This dish will be on the Summer dinner menu, featured May through September.
SPENCER’S JOLLY POSH BRITISH AND IRISH FOODS  Jolly Posh back-bacon and black pudding butties with HP sauce Nick Spencer says, “we are offering our back bacon and black pudding buttie in our cafe. It’s in our regular menu and available only at the weekends, every Saturday and Sun day from 10am to 5pm”
STATE & LAKE  Goose Island Bourbon County Stout Braised Bacon – Kickapoo blue cheese rhubarb salad, pickled quail egg From April 20 – 27, they’ll offer a special $24 three-course bacon prix-fixe inspired by Baconfest.  Courses include Fig & Peppered Bacon Jam, Bacon-Fried Crawfish, and Spicy Candied Bacon.
SUNDA  Cherrywood-Smoked Bacon Musubi with foie gras bacon mousse, Asian pear jam and bacon furikake Available as a special April 20 & 21.
SWEET BABY RAY’S RESTAURANTS & CATERING  Sweet Baby Ray’s Smokehouse Popcorn – a blend of sweet and salty kettle corn, smoked peanuts, caramel and bourbon vanilla candied bacon. Mississippi Bacon – A sweet and salty explosion of equal parts candy and bacon!
TABLE FIFTY-TWO  Bacon Churro, vanilla custard, cinnamon sugar, orange zest
TAVERNITA  The Elvis Presley: Braised bacon, peanut butter & banana
TERZO PIANO AT THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO  Maple bacon tartlet with candied bacon
TESORI  Maple-glazed pork belly confit, lentils, Tuscan kale, brussels sprouts leaves, red wine bacon vinaigrette   Bacon pretzel brittle dipped in milk chocolate The dishes will be featured on their menu through the month of April.
THE BEDFORD  Bacon sausage corn dogs with smoked tomato bacon jam House-made bacon Dr. Pepper and bacon caramels
THE COOKING CHICKS  Cooking Chicks Chocolate Cherry Bacon Stout Cupcake with a Bacon Buttercream frosting
THREE ACES  The “Wake n’Bacon” – bacon scrapple with bacon sriracha, bacon-salt cured egg yolks, and a bacon-Malort Julius
TRENCHERMEN  The Velvet Elvis – Thai Bacon, Banana baked peanuts, pickled pineapple Pat Sheerin let us know, “When we win the Golden Rasher, we will discuss menu placement.  We only put winners on our menu.”
TWO RESTAURANT AND BAR  AHF Hampshire-breed bacon, duck fat poached stone fruit, ‘Plant’ micro arugula, beet vinaigrette, chicharrón The dish for will be offered on from Wednesday, April 17th to Wednesday, April 24th.  They add, “Fortunately since we make all of our own bacon and change the menu frequently, it can always be prepared if anyone asks for it. “
URBAN UNION  Applewood-smoked bacon knob, cracked black pepper, date jam, brandied cherry
VERA  Bacon banana rice pudding with Marcona almonds and Nutella
ZAPATISTA  Relleno Envelto – Bacon cured Panela cheese, stuffed pickled jalapeno wrapped in bacon served with a cilantro bacon crema fresca.