Dreymiller and Kray was established in 1929, fifty miles west of Chicago, in Hampshire , Illinois. Dreymiller and Kray has always had a superb notoriety for their high quality smoked meats, and that tradition continues. The original smoke house was replaced with a brick smoke house in 1940. That smoke house from 1940, remains the only smoke house in use today . The artisan style of smoking with all Apple or Hickory logs places Dreymiller and Kray into a very unique category for the flavor and aroma of bacon. This bacon is cold smoked at 75 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, for over fifteen hours. Our customers tell us that once you try Dreymiller and Kray bacon, it is hard to eat any other bacon. Dreymiller and Kray has five flavors of bacon hand crafted in an artisan way with passion, science, and natural wood smoke which is the way bacon should be created. We invite you to try our bacon. You can also find them at many Chicago locations. You may also find out more by following us on FacebookTwitter, or our website.

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