Edzo’s Burger Shop

1571 Sherman Ave., Evanston
(847) 864-3396

Hours | Tu-Sat, 10:30am-9pm | Sunday : 10:30am-4pm | Closed Mondays

And be sure to visit our NEW location INSIDE of Deuce’s Bar at 3505 N. Clark in the heart of Wrigleyville!


About Edzo’s and Eddie

Eddie is a culinary school graduate and a long-time Chicago line cook.  After working in Barcelona, Bologna, and way too many fine-dining kitchens, he decided to try and create a situation where he could carve out a living and still make it home by 6:00 so he could eat dinner with his family every night.

Edzo’s at Baconfest Chicago:

Photo by Anne Petersen.

Bacon Baklava

Edzo's Burger Shop


The Burgers

We use only American beef– USDA choice chuck.  Never frozen.  We cut and grind the beef for our burgers every morning, right here in the restaurant. We handle it gently and don’t over-work it.  Nothing’s added to it until we shake some salt and pepper onto the meat as it cooks.  That’s it.

We’re also pleased to offer locally-raised and/or grassfed beef as an upgrade option.  All of the local farms we purchase from adhere to humane, sustainable, and natural practices, so do not contain any growth hormones or antibiotics.   Availability varies, but some of the farms we’ve gotten great local beef from are Slagel Family Farm (Fairbury IL), Q7 Ranch (Marengo, IL), CDK Angus (Lena, IL), LaPryor Farms (Ottawa, IL), and Dietzler Farms (Elkhorn, WI).  Support local farmers!


The Shakes

Nothin’ fancy here.  Vanilla ice cream, hand-dipped, blended with milk and stuff like Oreos, peanut butter, or real bananas on an old-fashioned spindle machine.  These old machines blend rather than cut, and mix more slowly than modern blenders, which yields a smoother, creamier finished product, due to less air being whipped into the mix.

We also love to experiment with crazy milkshake flavors, so there’s usually a few special shake flavors on the board.  Spicy Mexican Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Toasted Almond, Fluffernutter, The Elvis, Speculoos, Mudslide, etc, etc.

One flavor we usually *don’t* have is Strawberry.  We do fruit flavors, but only in the summer, when we can get ripe, locally-grown fruit, so when we do have Strawberry (or Peaches & Cream, or White-Chocolate Raspberry, or Blackberry Pie), the flavor will knock your socks off.


The Fries

Hand-cut, twice-cooked.  Idaho russet potatoes.  We do’em about ten different ways, such as Garlic Fries, Angry Fries, Old Fries, Cheese Fries, and Buffalo Fries.  Always made from just fresh potatoes, sea salt, hot oil, and care, so even if you like’em just plain with ketchup, they’ll be great.