Elizabeth Schuler – Bacon Country Meatloaf
This recipe has cumin and coriander from Latin America. It has allspice form Jamaica. It has pastachios from Africa. When finished it reminds me of a terrine from France, though there is not much French about it. Thus, the name… Country Meatloaf. When cold, I like to treat it like a country pate’ and serve it with a baguette, raw onion, pickles and mustard. My only rule when it comes to meatloaf is that it must taste as delicious chilled as it does coming out of the oven. I can serve it hot or cold.

ground beef
ground pork
onion, finely chopped
garlic, finely chopped
chopped fresh parsley
ground allspice
tomato paste
panko crumbs
worchestershire sauce
heavy creme
grated pecorino romano
whole pastachios
strips of bacon

Thanks for the consideration. Hope to see you April 9, 2011. Elizabeth Schuler

  • February 27, 2007