Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you come in. If you’re just learning about Baconfest Chicago (Thanks New York Times and Kai Kronfield!) this is the place to get situated! Yes, it’s real. We’re really here, waiting for you.

What is Baconfest?
Baconfest is Chicago’s annual celebration of America’s favorite cured meat. Over 50 of Chicago’s best chefs concocted amazing bacon recipes and served them up to 1500 of our closest friends on April 9, 2011. We also featured 7 liquor sponsors serving bacon cocktails or other refreshing beverages that pair beautifully with bacon. To celebrate special achievement, we give out Golden Rasher awards to chefs that prepare especially delicious dishes.

Twenty one vendors (bacontrepreneurs) sampled and sold their wares, including craft bacon, bacon tchotchkes, bacon crafts, and bacon chocolates.

Sponsors like the Illinois Pork Producers Association, Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats and the Chicago Reader exhibited and made a connection with our guests. Though Baconfest itself is not a charity, we supported the Greater Chicago Food Depository at our event: we ran a food drive and committed a $25,000 cash donation. In all, over 65,000 pounds of food will be available the Food Bank as a result of our event.

It already happened?
Our 2011 event happened on April 9. We sold tickets for $65-$100. They all sold out within minutes of going on sale. If you want to buy tickets for next year’s fest, we suggest you sign up for our email-list at https://baconfestchicago.com/contact/join-mailing-list. You can also follow us on Twitter (@baconfestchi) and like us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/baconfest).

Who was there?
Here are the chefs: https://baconfestchicago.com/announcing-baconfest-chicagos-2011-exhibiting-restaurants
Here are the vendors: https://baconfestchicago.com/category/vendors/vendors-2011
Here are the sponsors: https://baconfestchicago.com/category/sponsors/sponsors-2011

Pics or GTFO!
Happy to oblige! https://baconfestchicago.com/resources/press

What cool content is here?
Our Manifesto: https://baconfestchicago.com/about/manifesto
The Chicago Reader’s Bacon Noir: https://baconfestchicago.com/watch-the-chicago-readers-bacon-noir-video-pure-genius
Our FAQ:https://baconfestchicago.com/resources/faq
2011 By the Numbers: https://baconfestchicago.com/2011index
Who won the Golden Rasher:https://baconfestchicago.com/2011goldenrashers

I want to be a part of this!
Sponsorship opportunities: https://baconfestchicago.com/become-a-sponsor
Restaurant opportunities:https://baconfestchicago.com/be-a-chef-at-bfc
Vendor opportunities:https://baconfestchicago.com/become-a-vendor-at-bfc
Be our guest:https://baconfestchicago.com/contact/join-mailing-list
Buy the teeshirt: https://baconfestchicago.com/merch