It was around the 4th annual Baconfest Chicago in 2012 that our old friend Troy Graves came up to us and said “you know, there are some spectacularly decorated restaurant stations all over the exhibition floor.  You guys should really consider giving out a trophy for ‘Best Front of House Presentation’ in addition to your prize for best bacon dish.”  Well, we did more than consider it.  Each year onward we’ve done just that, and looking back at some of the photos of past winners reminds us of how insanely creative (and absurd) our restaurant partners can be.  To be clear, these winners had not only to present a delicious bacon delicacy, they also went the extra mile to shape a visual world that linked to or framed the theme of their dish with flair and panache.

So, take a look at the retrospective of bacon design below and then head on over to the Ticket page to get your all-inclusive ticket to the only Baconfest / BaconArchitectureFest out there.

Here’s a look a back at a few of our Front of House winners showing off their astonishing accomplishments.

Let’s start with Bacon sculptor extraordinaire Cameron Grant, of Osteria Langhe and Animale.  His bacon-infused iconic Chicago landmarks are quite frankly unrivaled.  Exhibit A:  his 10+ foot Willis Sears Tower made from bacon, a display whose magnificence was eclipsed only by the winners of that session (cf. Pork & Mindy’s below).

sears tower

Some of Cameron’s displays which did win were his charcuterie wrapped Navy Pier (with working Ferris Wheel), his pork-facade Chicago Skyline, and some gorgeous roses sculpted from Bacon. Elegant, artful and structurally sound.


Fresco 21 - 1

Fresco 21 - 2

Fresco 21 - 3

Our friends at the Bad Apple (always major contenders in this category) featured their “Count Porkula” display.  Your eyes do not deceive you.  That is in fact a pig dressed as Dracula in a bacon wrapped coffin.

Bad Apple 1

Bad Apple 2

Bad Apple 3

Bad Apple 4

Kitty O’shea’s took bacon-inspired ice sculpting to a new level.

Kitty Osheas 1

Le Bouchon and La Sardine teamed up to present an idyllic Bacon Forest Wonderland with fixings for their sundae sprinkled throughout this gorgeous landscape.

Le Bouchon & La Sardine

Photo by Anne Petersen:

Photo by Anne Petersen:

Mastro’s Steakhouse and their dry ice installation just looked impressive.

Mastros 1

Knife & Tine set up a back-hills cabin complete with a banjo player.


Mity Nice Bar & Grill wasn’t messing around with their Pigskin Wings Fixin’s Station.

Mity Nice Grill

And finally Jeffo Mauro and his pals from Pork & Mindy’s developed a whole cinematic scheme playing off of their theme of “HEAT”.  Now that is commitment.


Pork & Mindy's


Like what you see?  Of course you do.

Want to see how this year’s batch of bacon-genius chefs interpret the theme of bacon in edible and architectural works of art?  Come to the Tenth Annual Baconfest Chicago!