Hi Bacon Nation,

Kyle Hamman of KBH Media did Baconfest Chicago a huge SOLID (sounds dirty, I know). As you can imagine, coordinating the schedules of busy world-class chefs is not easy. He managed, as a favor to us, to get to a whole bunch of restaurants over the course of a few short weeks and make these charming video-shorts. And so to Kyle we say HUZZAH, HUZZAH, HUZZAH.

Andre Von Baconvitch

1. Chef Randy Zweiban of PROVINCE.

2. Chef Thomas Elliot Bowman of OTOM

3. Chef Heather Terhune of SABLE KITCHEN AND BAR

4. Chef Derek Simcik of THE ATWOOD CAFE

5. Chef Patrick Sheerin of THE SIGNATURE ROOM

6.  Chef Charlie Socher of CAFE MATOU

7. Chef Michael McDonald of ONE SIXTY BLUE

8. Chef Steven Hubbell of VEERASWAY

9. Sous Chef Nathan Sears of VIE

10. Chef Gilbert Langlois of CHALKBOARD

11. Chef Chris Lateano of SOUTHWATER KITCHEN

12. Chef Jimmy Bannos Jr. of THE PURPLE PIG

13. Chef Roger Herring of SOCCA

14. Chef Jason McLeod of BALSAN

15. Chef Giuseppe Tentori of BOKA

16. Chef Chris Pandel of THE BRISTOL (FALL 09 VID)


18. Chef Troy Graves of EVE (FALL 09 VID)

19. Chris Latchford of PADDY LONGS

20. Chef Dan Smith of HEARTY