Greetings Bacon-Nation:

Well, inspired by the fact that people like to buy stuff around the Holidays, we at Baconfest Chicago decided to get in on the action.

We have a VERY limited offer for you foodies out there who might want a great gift for yourselves or your bacon-loving friends.

Baconfest Chicago has released a limited number of VIP Tickets for April 9th, 2011 to our Facebook and Twitter Followers. Cost: $100.00 per ticket.

Each VIP Ticket includes:

Entry to the Baconfest Chicago Chef Expo one hour prior to the general admission crowd – all the bacon dishes and beverages you can handle before the crowds descend. Mingle with press, bloggers, judges and other VIPs and enjoy access to the chefs and their dishes in the quiet of the pre-game environment.

WARNING: This is for die hard Baconfest Chicago Fans only. We have not finalized the chef line-up yet. There are absolutely no promises as to who the exhibiting chefs will be, but see last years line-up at for a sample. Just know that this year there will be even more chefs there….and let’s just say, so far Chef recruitment is going gloriously.

Do you trust us? Enough to be willing to buy tickets based on our track record of stellar events – and the knowledge that bacon in the hands of great chefs is… well… GREAT!? If so, this holiday offer is for you.

General admission tickets will go on sale for $65.00 once the chef line-up is announced in early 2011 – so don’t feel any pressure. This offer is for those looking for a killer Christmas gift and guaranteed early admission to the glory that will be Baconfest Chicago 2011.

Order your tickets here:

VIP Tickets are non-transferable – however, if ordering tickets as gifts, Eventbrite allows the buyer to specify the individual name for each ticket purchased. If more than one ticket is issued under the same name – this is okay – but that person must accompany everyone using his/her tickets into the fest as we will be checking IDs to ensure they match the tickets.

Enjoy! And may your holidays be bountiful with bacon!

Yours in bacon,
Andre, Mike, and Seth