Helping End Hunger

Baconfest is more than just a bacon-paradise. Our passion for bacon is matched only by our desire to make a difference in our communities.

In Chicago, we partner with the Greater Chicago Food Depository to help end hunger in Chicagoland. A portion of event proceeds go to support the Food Depository’s programs. We run a food drive at the event; guests bring non-perishable contributions for the Food Depository to distribute to hungry people in our community.

In addition, the Food Depository sells raffle tickets to our guests with prizes provided by our sponsors and partners.

Here’s a breakdown of Baconfest’s charitable impact since 2010.  (In 2009, at our first event, we made a donation to the Green City Market from event proceeds).

Cumulative Financial Impact – 2010-2019

  • $ 420,000 – donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository from ticket proceeds
  • $ 60,448 – revenue to the GCFD from the sale of raffle tickets

$ 480,448 – total revenue to the GCFD from 2010 – 2019

Cumulative Impact Measured in Meals – 2010-2019

  • .83 meals // number of meals per pound of donated food
  • 3 meals // number of meals that can be purchased with $1 donation
  • 15,482 pounds // amount of food donated by our guests
  • 5,050 pounds // amount of food donated by sponsors to match guest contributions

1,458,385 // total number of meals made available to hungry Chicagoans by Baconfest!