Chef Alexander L. Martin
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J Lafayette Catering Company provides a culinary experience of delectable tastes to create a welcoming and intimate ambiance.  Our goal is to cater your special event with distinction and first-class service to create an exclusive, personal and unforgettable event. We offer traditionally catered entrees and appetizers that are internationally inspired; savory, sweet and succulent flavors from all over the world. We cater to every occasion whether in your home, at one of our select venues, or a location of your choice. Our team believes the result of a fabulous party is a direct reflection of its’ cuisine and hospitality. Savor the taste, remember the moment!

Alexander L. Martin
While attending Michigan State University to complete my bachelors in Economics, I knew my true passion was to create a successful career in the Hospitality industry.  I started my post undergraduate career in commercial and retail banking but the goal was always to open my own restaurant; January 2008 I became one step closer and opened J Lafayette Catering Company.  From preparing hors d’oeuvres, cooking and serving 150 patrons single handedly, I know the hard work it takes to provide quality service.  I didn’t want to wait for acclaimed status to start giving back to my community, so I became a Chef Instructor for Common Threads, a non-profit organization that teaches youth how to cook and eat healthy.  For every occasion, whether teaching or serving, I make sure to add the distinction that the moment merits.  Whatever the task, I aspire to bring my contagious excitement and passion of food to those around me.  Whenever I step into a kitchen, I eagerly look forward to dedicating my creativity and culinary talents to those I serve.  My goal for every event, every meal, and my motto in life, is to savor the taste and remember the moment!

J Lafayette Catering Company at Baconfest Chicago 2012:

New Orleans-style sweet cayenne bacon bread pudding