Check out this super fun video that James Beard Nominated Liza DeGuia made about Jo Snow Syrups

The idea for Jo Snow Syrups started when owner, Melissa Yen, owned a café. She became bored of the flavors that were out there. She wanted to offer her customers something unique. Melissa was obsessed with Café de Olla, a classic Mexican coffee drink. She wanted to figure out a way to bring that spiced exciting flavor to her customers, so she created a syrup she could easily add to her lattes. The drink became a hit, nicknamed “Coffee de Oh Yeah” by her regulars.

The café was sold, but the syrups stayed with Melissa and she formed Jo Snow Syrups. Now Melissa has a line of nine hand crafted artisan syrups made from organic evaporated cane juice, herbs, spices and natural extracts that can be used in coffee, snow cones, cocktails and sodas. In the summer you can find Melissa slinging snow cones at your local Farmers Market using her seasonal line of syrups made from farmers’ fruit.