Joe Ruesewald – Bacon Schnitzel

I have prepared my very own bastardization (glorification) of my grandma’s schnitzel.

I present to you:

Bacon Schnitzel!


1) Thick cut bacon
2) Bread crumbs
3) Egg
4) Cornstarch (yeah a little sweetness to the salty)
5) Grandma’s schnitzel seasoning blend (she might kill me if i share, but i will submit if required)

1) Flour
2) Milk
3) Drippings
4) Dash of Lemon (its schnitzel, not country fried bacon)

This is a mighty powerful bacon experience here.  You have pan fried, thick cut, smoky bacon, breaded and then re-pan fried in its own beauty, which is topped with a light gravy made the remaining bacon love.

Normally this would be served with a bacon spinach salad and some bacon spaetzel, but alas we are limited to 1 dish.  So I chose the main treat.  Many have scoffed at my audacity, all have had seconds.

I would very much love the chance to share this dish with the world.  Please choose me as one of the finalists for the amateur cookoff.


Tonight I decided to create another batch of my bacon schnitzel due to popular demand from my friends and coworkers.  I plated it with some bacon spaetzle and sauerkraut.  It was all washed down with some my own home-brewed dunkelweizen.  There was not a single crumble of bacon remaining this time either.

  • February 27, 2007