Address: 535 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 3129553100


Here at Labriola Café, we believe that food is meant to be celebrated. We’ve found the perfect balance between European tradition and American passion. We see every day as a new chance to express ourselves and show off just what we can do.

The place to go for honest to goodness delicious. Come in for a meal or just to satisfy a craving – bread is only the beginning and you’ll taste our enthusiasm for authenticity in every bite.

A passion for great baking…

With his first taste of authentic artisan bread, Rich Labriola found his passion. Bread was his calling and he would do it better than anyone else. Working with French, Italian and German masters, Rich incorporated unique starters, aged his own flour and installed distinctive ovens to bring traditional European breads to a hungry market. Today the Labriola Bakery is still growing as it serves many of the finest restaurants and groceries in the Chicago area.

Turning a love of great bread into a restaurant…

As a child, Rich absorbed an appreciation of pizza and of hospitality in his father’s small pizza shop, and eventually came back to pizza with his passion for authentic, soul-nourishing bread. Rich created the Oak Brook–based Labriola Bakery Café and Neapolitan Pizzeria to share the artisan bread experience with diners. His innovative model paired no-waiter efficiency with top-quality freshly prepared food—and hospitality that feels like home. Labriola brings the textures and tastes of tradition to an innovative dining experience that is invitingly familiar while always offering new options to explore.

Rich’s love for hospitality…

Blessed with a sense for the wishes, tastes and cravings of his guests, Rich has networked with innumerable chefs and restaurateurs to develop his own vision of what a restaurant can be and do for the diner. And now he brings it all Michigan Avenue.

At Baconfest Chicago:

Labriola Cafe and Ristorante – Ravioli Carbonara - Baconfest 2015

Ravioli Carbonara

Labriola Cafe and Ristorante