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Chrissy Camba:

Our Story

Maddy’s Dumpling House was born from a series of unfortunate events leading me to see the “silver lining.”

I’ve been cooking for awhile and came to the realization that I wanted to get back to people just eating, having fun and enjoying the moment. I just wanted a place that felt like friends coming over, eating, drinking and making great memories – a sense of community, family or a great dinner party. At the same time, I wanted to utilize everything I’ve learned, incorporate seasonality, get fun things from my farmers with whom I’ve built great relationships, have a sense of whimsy and create unique dumpling flavors that you can’t get anywhere else. 🙂

Maddy’s Dumpling House is strictly a Pop-Up as of now.

Oh, I bet you’re asking: “Who’s Maddy?”

Maddy was the best bunny in the world. For ten years, she was a part of my family. She recently passed away. From this, new realizations came to light and Maddy’s Dumpling House was born.

So, I raise my virtual glass to the best bunny in world, my Maddy Bear. A bear extraordinaire that will forever be with me in spirit. This Dumpling House is for you. 🙂


MAdddy 1

Top Chef - Season 10


At Baconfest Chicago:

Maddy’s Dumpling House – The Hot Mess - Baconfest 2015


The “Hot Mess”!

Maddy's Dumpling House