Michi Trota – Flourless Bacon & Spiced Chocolate Torte

Since I didn’t quite convince you last year with my bacon chocolate caramel bomb cookies, I hope this year I’ve got an offering you can’t refuse. I submit for your consideration: a flourless bacon chocolate torte, coated with a decadent ganache of ancho & chipotle chili spiced chocolate and a caramel drizzle with a hint of maple. The torte is sprinkled with crumbled bacon, and finished with a piece of crisp bacon that’s been candied in maple syrup and brown sugar.

This dessert balances the salty crunch of the crumbled bacon (both incorporated into the torte itself and sprinkled as an accent) and the dense, velvety richness of the chocolate torte, which is further accented by the smoke and spice notes in the ganache coating. You can’t have bacon without maple, which provides an additional sweet but mellow note, and the salty-sweetness of the maple bacon candy strip is the perfect finish to it all.

This dessert involved the following ingredients: bacon, semi-sweet chocolate, eggs, white sugar, butter, whiskey, ancho chili pepper, chipotle chili pepper, bittersweet chocolate, cream, maple syrup and brown sugar.

I would pair this dish with a ruby port, a Madagascar cognac or porter beer.

I hope you find this description enticing enough to want to taste this for yourselves!


Michi Trota

  • February 27, 2007