Monica Sehgal Sharma – Tandoori Bacon Nachos

TANDOORI BACON NACHOS, served on crispy chicken skin chips (photo attached)  ENJOY!!!

Description:  Bacon marinated in true tandoori style with yogurt and my special tandoori spice blend for about 2 hours, then oven baked in a hot oven (sorry no clay ovens available!)

Bacon is then chopped and mixed with tomatoes, red onion, and cilantro lightly spiced with smoky cumin and a fresh splash of lime juice, then served on top of freshly made crispy chicken skin chips (yes, I made those as well!)

INGREDIENT LIST (for your reference)

Tandoori Spice Mix
Red Onion
Ground Cumin
Fresh Limes
Chicken Skin (separated from a thigh piece)
Flour (for dredging)
Oil (for frying the chicken skin)