About Mosefund Farm

What’s so special about Møsefund Mangalitsa?

The taste, which comes from a very meticulous style of pasture-based farming. You may wonder why Mangalitsa costs more than other heritage pig breeds.

They require nearly twice of everything as other pigs — more time to mature, more pasture to graze, and more feed to finish them. This is partly why the breed nearly died out, when farmers went to cheaper, leaner, and less flavorful varieties of pork.

The Mangalitsa at Møsefund are free range, raised outside all year, with access to fresh water, feed and run-in shelters. They graze on chicory, clover, and varieties of local nuts, and finished on a barley mixture for a minimum of 60 days. This diet gives their fat an amazing quality and consistency — high in monsatuarated fat, but low in polyunsaturated fat.

Eat this meat and you’ll discover why the breed is renown for its superior fat quality, incredible concentrated flavor, and marbleized meat. You will not only taste, but your mouth will feel the difference when you eat Mangalista.