171 North Wells Street
Chicago, Illinois 60606


Mon – Fri: 10:30 am – 3:30 pm

Fast-casual restaurant serving modern Indian food. Fresh. Flavorful. Fun.

We want you to be excited about an evolution in Indian food where you have a hand in crafting your own meals. We make warm, freshly-baked naan bread out of a traditional tandoor oven, sauces handmade from scratch, and crave-worthy creative dishes that break culinary traditions.

We are a team of three Chicago chefs who draw from our roots in London, Mumbai, and Mexico City to serve both traditional Indian foods and recipes re-imagined with a modern American spin.

This is Naansense. Real food. Real people.

Our Signature Naan Bread is served enticingly hot out of a traditional tandoor clay over, which maintains temperatures up to 900°F. Dating back to the 14th century, tandoor ovens expose the bread to live-fire, radiant heat cooking that perfectly bakes, browns, and flavors. Our tandoor chefs are true artists, crafting melt-in-your-mouth naan with the skill and dedication of classic Indian bakers.

At Baconfest Chicago 2015:

Naansense – Bacon Biryani – Baconfest 2015

Bacon Biryani


At Baconfest Chicago 2014:

Photo by Anne Petersen.

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