Nosh This was founded in August 2010 in response to my love of food. From the extreme joy I get eating it, to the craft of making it and the pleasure of feeding others, this has quickly become a consuming passion of mine.

Another influence in the creation of this venture is bacon. I really like bacon. Seriously.

My mother and grandmother taught me how to cook from a very young age. I am indebted to them for honing my sense of taste, and for instilling in me a creativity and lack of fear in the kitchen. Nothing is beyond the realm of at least TRYING. What’s the worst that can happen? Defrosting leftovers? Take away? Peanut butter and jelly? (to be clear, those alternatives rarely, if ever, were necessary when they were cooking…)

The name “Nosh This” is a tongue-in-cheek reference to my half-Jewish heritage, mixed with a little bit of attitude. “Nosh” is the Yiddish word meaning “to snack,” and with that name I pay homage to my father, who stands at the kitchen counter having a nosh a few times a day. I strive to bring noshing to the masses. (And yes, I get that some can’t square the circle of having a Yiddish-ly inspired name for a company that among other things, sells bacon. What can I say?)

This endeavor has as it’s foundation, a deference to the principles of sustainability. I take pride in using the highest quality, locally-sourced and organic ingredients when possible. Products are made by hand, with careful attention to detail and in small batches to maintain quality. I believe that you will taste the difference with your very first bite.

Thanks for stopping by. Please check back often to see what I’m up to, and if you’re hungry, holler at me and I will get you a bisel of nosh.

Ess gezunterhait. (Eat in good health)

This is Bacon Crack. There’s a reason we called it Crack. It is a delicious butter-toffee made with Zoe’s Meats applewood-smoked bacon, organic almonds and just a hint of Esprit du Sel. We dip that in 72% E. Guittard chocolate and the result will have you jonesing for more in the middle of the night. You’ve been warned.