Bacon Nation,

What a turnout!  We had 1609 people cast over 2200 votes for their top five picks out of the amazing 23 contestant entries!  I’m fairly certain that more people voted in our poll than voted in my district’s aldermanic election.  It was a close contest and we three Baconfest triumvirs would have had an immensely difficult time picking only five out of the fantastic entries.

Thankfully, our poll yielded four clear favorites and amazingly – deadlocked on picking a universal fifth finalist (i.e. The Fifth Bacon Cylon).

Tied for 5th place are the fantastic Bacon Country Meatloaf by Elizabeth Schuler AND the sublime sounding Tandoori Bacon Nachos (how could we resist a chicken-skin nacho!)  We are forced to make a difficult decision…

OH WAIT.  Nueske’s is AWESOME.  And in consultation with our Nueske’s Rep. Megan Dorsch, we have decided that this is one of those beautiful, rare instances in life where it’s so easy to say, “rules?  Scew rules!  Yeah, I guess you can force us to try one extra amazing Bacon-dish.  Let’s have 6 Finalists.”

Without further ado, here are the Final SIX Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats/Baconfest Chicago Amateur Cook-off Finalists:

[Drumroll Please…]

Thank you to all who entered!  We will be contacting each of the finalists & contestants with information on how to obtain your tickets to the event.

We recommend keeping an eye out for some upcoming ticket giveaway contests including the Bacon Poetry Contest currently in progress.

And of course thanks to NUESKE’S APPLEWOOD SMOKED MEATS for hosting this contest as part of their Sponsorship.  They RULE and so does their Bacon.