Dear Bacon Nation:

The people have spoken!  Thanks to all who voted.  We had 11 contestants competing for 5 finalist slots in the Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats Baconfest Chicago 2012 AMATEUR COOK-OFF.  The Five Finalists have been selected and are listed below ranked in order of votes received:

2013 Five Finalists:

Diane Tesmer – Sweet Spicy Bacon Sticks

Judith Singer – Duo of Bacon Ravioli

Eric Jones – Bacon Pineapple Mac and Cheese

Alexa Hara – Popped Pig

Scott Behrens – Bacon Fried Cauliflower

A Reminder to the 5 Finalists.  You are required to do the following:

  • Attend Baconfest on April 20th (Lunch Session) as guests of Nueske’s and Baconfest Chicago.  (You will be given two tickets to include you).
  • Arrive at 11am for contestant orientation and you will be escorted to a private backstage room for prep.
  • Bring 5 or more tasting portions of your dish to be served to a panel of selected judges.
  • Be present for the Golden Rashers Awards ceremony circa 2:30pm when the winner of the Nueske’s Bacon Amateur Cook-off will be announced and presented with a Golden-Rasher Trophy (plus some prizes from Nueske’s t.b.a. – but I bet Bacon will be involved.)

Parameters of your dish:

You are welcome to bring any equipment you may need with you (please run large, plug-in, or fuel powered devices past us first).  In the prep area you will NOT be given facilities to cook your dish on site from scratch.  We will have a microwave on site for heating, and you will be given time to set presentation prior to serving.  Take this into account when planning your recipe!  We will provide plates/flatware for serving.  Beverage pairings are acceptable.

One more shout-out to our Sponsor Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats.  Their generosity (and great bacon) fuels this cook-off and Baconfest Chicago!

Thanks Nation.  And thanks to all those who took the time to submit.  Due props to Tim, Raven, Erin, Barbara, Brian and Amy.  Their recipes are below.

2013 Runners up: