Dear Bacon Nation,

We at Baconfest Chicago wanted to take this opportunity to offer up a word of gratitude to some of our sponsors who help make the experience that much more entertaining, green, and well-stocked with the necessary supplies that facilitate bacon entering your mouths.

Throwing a Baconfestival with 150+ restaurants takes a lot of resources. Plates, napkins, catering gear, linens … the list goes on and on.

Thankfully, we’ve had the privilege of working with some great sponsors who’ve enabled us to take the best care of you as possible, Bacon Nation.

A big thank you to Hall’s and Windy City Linens for their generous support of Baconfest Chicago and our Charity Partner, the Greater Chicago Food Depository.


Windy City Linen-orig

And a giant shout-out to Onyx for helping us keep the event as green as possible. More on them below.



We at Baconfest Chicago believe in being as “green” as we can be while conducting the world largest bacon-consumption orgy. We purchase compostable plates, forks, cups, etc., recycle as much plastic, glass and paper as we can, and recruit your help to divert waste into the right containers.

We are extremely grateful to our sponsor Onyx for supporting that work. They supply the recyclable and compostable products that we use at our event. Their contributions simultaneously save us money (making it possible to maximize our donation to our charity partner The Greater Chicago Food Depository) AND help us reduce the amount of Baconfest trash that ends up in a landfill.

Thank you, Onyx, for your invaluable contributions to Baconfest Chicago! For a complete list of their offerings, visit Onyx Products.