Greetings Bacon Nation,

Well, as you can imagine, getting 160+ restaurants, 30 vendors/sponsors and 4000+ bacon crazed fans together generates a lot of used disposable plates/napkins/cups and flatware. We at Baconfest Chicago believe in being as “green” as we can be whilst conducting the world largest bacon-consumption orgy – we purchase compostable plates, forks, cups, etc, recycle as much plastic, glass and paper as we can, and recruit your help to divert waste into the right containers.

We are extremely grateful to our sponsor ONYX for supporting that work – they supply the recyclable and compostable products that we use at our event. Their contributions simultaneously save us cost (making it possible to maximize our donation to our charity partner The Greater Chicago Food Depository), AND helps us to reduce the amount of Baconfest trash that ends up in landfill.

Thank you ONYX for your invaluable contributions to Baconfest Chicago!!

For a complete list of their offerings, visit Onyx Products.




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Onyx is a single-source provider of sustainable food service products, paper products, and chemicals along with implementation and consulting services.  We specialize in implementing sustainable products that our effective and economical in the operations of food service companies and facilities.

Currently, we serve a cross-section of the food service and hospitality industry, government agencies, leading cultural institutions, the public school system, industrial/retail enterprises and airport concessionaires. If there is a sustainable solution for your organization, Onyx can provide it!

Onyx is dedicated to promoting the use of environmentally responsible products in the day-to-day operations of any facility. In response to the long-term effects of harmful chemicals on the environment, as well as the over-depletion of natural resources and the lack of responsibility exhibited in monitoring these issues, we have chosen to bring together products that can positively impact the health and safety of individuals and the environment.