Bacon is soooo good.  Heck yeah it is and especially if it’s in a bbq sauce.  My bacon bbq sauce starts out sweet and then the bacon flavor hits you like a pig with no direction.  I know that doesn’t make sense now but that’s not important.

I have always loved the taste and smell of bacon so I decided to make a bacon bbq sauce because it just seemed right to blend the two together.  Like all my bbq sauces you’re going to get the real deal.  There is real bacon in every jar…nothing fake or imitation here people.  Just a lot of real true bacon flavor.  You’ll taste it in every bite.

Try my bacon bbq sauce on burgers, chili cheese fries, baked potatoes, ribs, chicken, meatloaf, in roll-ups, on salads, in wraps, as a dip, or even make a BLT sandwich with it.  Seriously, it’s good on almost everything.  It’s just what you need when you realize something’s missing in your dish.  Try it…you’ll see.

And get this.  My bacon bbq sauce is low-fat, gluten-free, and has no high-fructose corn syrup.

So please… do the sauce a favor and let the pig loose.  -Ron