941 West Randolph
Chicago, IL 60607

Mon-Thu 11:30 am – 12 am
Fri 11:30 am – 2 am
Sat 11:30 am – 3 am
Sun 10 am – 12 am


What is PORKCHOP? It’s the lack of pretense and preening. It’s being uninterested in dress codes, zip codes and trend-chasing. It’s about being comfortable in the corner without paying out the pocket. It’s about having a great night with dear friends or meeting some new ones.

PORKCHOP crafts a nostalgic experience for a knowledgeable audience that can truly appreciate the goods. The backbone of this new venture is simple: take the iconic ‘neighborhood bar’ and everyday items and repurposingthem into a unique dining experience. By catering to the industry that supports Chicago’s restaurant scene,
PORKCHOP creates a safe haven for chefs and diners alike to kick back; fill their bellies, their glasses and have a good time… every time.

Menu favorites (like the knock-out pork belly sliders, Baby Back Ribs with “Damn Good” BBQ Sauce or the classic pork chop grilled atop natural charcoal imbedded with whiskey barrels) or come in for lunch for the Pork Belly Sandwich with the sexy yet simple attitude, and a huge sidewalk patio in the summer and warm an unique place to hide away in the rain and chicago winters. On the burgeoning Randolph Strip will pull you in time and again. To get to know the neighbors, PORKCHOP will invite all to submit menu suggestions – who knows if your dish will be the next at the pass?

Are you ready for a night out with friends you’ll actually enjoy? Tired of the pretense and want to get down to business? Just wrapping up a night and looking for that late-night fix of smoky, salty goodness? Then welcome to

At Baconfest Chicago 2015:

Porkchop – Bacon Wrapped Rib Tips – Baconfest 2015

Bacon Wrapped Rib Tips


At Baconfest Chicago 2014:

Photo by Anne Petersen.

Slow-Smoked Bacon Wrapped Wild Boar Sausage with BBQ Sauce