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Well bacon-nation, we here at Baconfest Chicago are looking out for you coffee drinkers.  After feasting on bacon-delicacies prepared by some of Chicago’s finest chefs on April 25th and 26th , you can stroll over to Stumptown’s booth and try some of their delicious coffee to give you that extra pick-me-up for the ride home.  Their coffee is delicious! They started in Portland, and wow are they growing.  Quality knows no boundaries.  Thank you Stumptown for bringing your variety of brews to Baconfest Chicago!!


At Stumptown, we do everything possible to source the best coffees in the world. This begins with our commitment to spending copious amounts of time with coffee farmers in order to ensure they grow, pick, and process the ripest and most intensely flavorful coffee cherries. Wherever possible, our aim is to work as directly and transparently as humanly possible with each and every one of our coffee farmers.

Stumptown’s Direct Trade purchasing program is a reward-based strategy designed to create incentive for farmers to produce the best quality they can. The objective is to create and control a transparent supply chain from farm to cup. Our Green Coffee buyers are the backbone of our Direct Trade program. Throughout the year, they constantly meet with coffee producers in order to source the best coffees possible while ensuring that the producers’ lives are improved. The farms and the communities they support benefit greatly, as we pay top dollar for their most excellent fruit. These prices provide a sustainable, predictable and successful future. Stumptown guarantees that whether you are grabbing a bottle of cold brew, an espresso drink from one of our cafes, or a bag of beans for home; you will experience some of the sweetest and most complex coffees available anywhere.