52 W. Elm Street • Chicago
Reservations 312.573.4000

Monday-Saturday  5pm-9:30pm
Sunday  4pm-8:30pm
Sunday Brunch  10:30am-1.30pm

Table Fifty-Two

Welcome to Chef Art Smith’s and Julie Latsko’s signature restaurant, Table Fifty-Two, the home of Southern hospitality in Chicago.

Whether you are dining in the high-ceiling elegance of the upstairs dining room or the cozy, gathered-around-the-hearth comfort of the downstairs dining room, you will feel the warmth and welcoming spirit of Table Fifty-Two. To attain this atmosphere, Chef Art appointed his restaurant-the quaint 19th century carriage house of the Biggs Mansion, which survived the Great Chicago Fire-with luxurious yet rustic décor, including an open hearth oven and a pressed copper ceiling.

Table Fifty-Two perfectly mirrors Chef Art’s life experience, both as personal chef to Oprah Winfrey, a job that often requires him to travel the world cooking for celebrities and regular folks alike; and as one of the South’s favorite sons who as a boy taught his pet pig to eat acorns so he would not have to pick them up himself.

That was then and this is now. Chef Art no longer shirks his chores and has not cut a single corner since he dedicated himself to cooking professionally nearly three decades ago. This attention to detail and commitment to honoring his roots on the Smith family farm near the Florida-Georgia border is what has made Chef Art one of the culinary world’s brightest, yet humble, stars.

His cuisine sourced from the finest organic farms in the Midwest and ranging from Low-Country Shrimp with Stone-Ground Grits and Open-Faced Pulled Pork Sandwiches to Pistachio-Crusted Chicken Breast with Coconut-Ginger-Chili Sauce and Braised Lamb Shank with Parsnip-Garlic Puree with Roasted Baby Carrots, Table has received raves from the public and food critics alike. Chef Art approaches cooking and dining the same way his mother and aunts and grandmother did, in the grand tradition of the South: use the freshest seasonal ingredients, prepare them lovingly and share them with your family and loved ones. It is a simple formula that has worked for generation upon generation.

We hope to share this tradition and experience with you soon at our elegant, comforting oasis in the heart of the city. We promise to have one of our signature parmesan cheese biscuits in front of you moments after you sit down.

You bring the loved ones, we’ll handle the rest.

Table Fifty-Two at Baconfest Chicago: